Be Hive of Healing Well-Being Journal Megazen 2017

MegaZEN is more than a magazine, It’s a life map.

A collection of essential spiritual insights and vital healing information for seekers to make a profound shift in the way they experience life.

Something’s different.  Can you feel it?  People everywhere are sensing a quickening, an acceleration of life that’s moving humanity to and through a significant transformation.  Many have speculated about exactly what this change is, but everyone agrees that it’s essential to the evolution of our society and planet, and that each of us plays an important part in the process.

MegaZEN, the annual well-being journal of Be Hive of Healing Integrative Health and Dental Center, offers clarity and comfort as you navigate your way through this exciting and sometimes challenging experience we call life.  In equal parts contemplation

and celebration, MegaZEN provides the perfect blend of holistic healing information and spiritual guidance to cultivate the optimal balance between mind, body and spirit that’s essential for perfect health.  Inside, you’ll find the latest information on the most powerful integrative healing products and therapies to honor the body.  You’ll also be inspired by insights and answers to the biggest questions of life to nourish the soul.  No matter what you’re seeking on your journey, MegaZEN offers you the opportunity to consider a new perspective, make a different choice and create a new life.  Welcome to awareness.  Welcome to MegaZEN.

BE Informed, BECOME Inspired, BE Motivated

MegaZEN Magazine focuses on medical and integrative health, wholistic living, spirituality and guides to total well-being .
Be Hive of Healing Well-Being Journal MegaZEN 2017
  • Behind MegaZEN

    Meet the editors, Dr. Sadeghi and Dr. Sami. Discover why Be Hive of Healing and Healthy Kids Dental Planet are different.

  • Community

    See what Be Hive of Healing is doing in the local and international communities to make the world a better place.

  • Insights & Inspiration

    Uplifting inspirational articles about how our thoughts, emotions and choices can harm or heal us. Meditate over inspirational quotes and poetry.

  • Therapies & Treatments

    The latest integrative healing therapies and treatments to rejuvenate your energy and reignite the body’s healing intelligence.

  • Contributors

    Contributing authors and sponsors of MegaZEN share their life improving expertise, products and services.

  • Supplements & Products

    Wide array of products specifically formulated from the highest quality clinical and herbal ingredients to augment and accelerate any healing program.

MegaZEN is now available for online orders.

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