Cloud C.

Last year, I became quite sick. Could barely get out of bed in the morning to put my son on his school bus, much less function & run my company – I was scared and didn’t recognized myself. By the time I met with Dr. Sadeghi, I’d had a tough miscarriage and had been misdiagnosed by many doctors (an endocrinologist, a Harvard trained doctor, you name it). Dr. Sadeghi pin-pointed EXACTLY what was wrong. I often turn to yelp to help pick restaurants, and specialists, but this is the first review I have ever written. There is no medical facility I can recommend more highly than Behive of Healing or Dr. Sadeghi. The rate of curing his patients that have cancer is 98%! He has been on Stand Up to Cancer tv fundraiser, and spoken to millions of people helping them in ways no other doctor I’ve ever met has. He wrote the forward to Gwyneth Paltrow’s “It’s All Good” bestselling cook book, and is an expert on health & nutrition. I literally can’t say enough good things about Dr. Sadeghi or his team. My dear friend who recommended him to me had chronic sinus infections for YEARS & after seeing Dr. S they’ve literally disappeared. After working with Dr. Sadehi for just over a year now, my health is thriving! And the quality of time I get to spend with my son is better than ever. We communicate in such a heart felt, respectful ways, my heart is literally overflowing with love for my son & husband. Working with Dr. Sadeghi, I’m learning how to take care of myself – being a mom, wife, business woman taking care of myself hasn’t always come first…I’m learning how to express things with my husband I’ve never shared. And have soul-ful time with my son on a daily basis. I’m a better parent, all from working with Dr. Sadeghi and learning what will truly help my son thrive. My son has 3 heart conditions, and has the best pediatric cardiologist in LA & NYC. For over a year, his cardiologists & the Head of NYU Pediatrics mis-diagnosed my son. But Dr. Sadeghi pinpointed exactly what was wrong with me son the VERY first time he saw him, and now after only 4 months of working with Dr. S, my son’s health is better than ever!!! As cheesy as it may sound, I don’t have the sense of being alone anymore. I used to go through life feeling quite alone- and I wish I knew when it changed, but all I can say is, having worked with Dr. Sadeghi I no longer feel alone. AT ALL. I still get hurt/sad/mad, you name it. But having worked with Dr. S my whole life is richer than ever. What’s most impressive, is how humble he is. He’s MASSIVELY BRILLIANT and TRULY CARES. But with the amount of celebrities that come to see him, quite frankly, he could just focus on them; but he makes you feel like you are one of his only patients. He wakes up at all hours, just to help his patients that need him. I am forever grateful to Dr. Sadeghi & his fantastic team. I literally wish everyone could see him, I often fly in from NYC just to receive treatment…and it is the best money I’ve ever spent. No doctor I’ve ever met in my entire life is more dedicated to his patients than Dr. S. if you’re well, after seeing Dr. Sadeghi you will thrive. if you’re sick, after seeing Dr. Sadeghi you will thrive. There is no doctor better than Dr. Sadeghi. He saved my life, my son’s life and helped me truly live again…all those who get to see him are profoundly lucky.