Vanessa C.

I was treated by Dr. Sadeghi for severe neck pain. My back pain had been consistent all Summer long and I was letting it go, but when I couldn’t move my neck, I knew it was time to get treatment. Dr. Sadeghi was able to pinpoint exactly what kind of emotional trauma I had been through based on the pain I was having, even though I hadn’t discussed this with him before. Truly amazing! I cannot express the amount of compassion he treated me with. I was pain-free the following day and I hadn’t been pain free in months. In addition to this, I had post-nasal drip at the time. I wouldn’t have thought to seek medical treatment for this, but Dr. Sadeghi noticed it and prescribed me Homeopathics. They have worked so well and I continue to use them. I didn’t even come in to get treatment for this, but that’s another amazing trait that Dr. Sadeghi has…incredibly observant! His staff is wonderful to work with as well, and I love the peaceful environment of the office. The world needs more doctors like Dr. Sadeghi!