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Be Hive of Healing cares very much about your integrative and holistic health care experience. Below are testimonials and letters sent to us over the years. We invite you to share your experience by submitting a personalized review.

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No more Pills
Chava O.

Thank you so much. I just wanted to tell you that you changed my life. As a result of the cocktail of herbs that you gave me makes me feel wonderful. As a result of it I stopped taking my anti depressant pills that I have taken for 12 Years. Thank you and your wonderful stuff.

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Barbara G.

Dr. Sadeghi truly lives up to his integrative medical approach. He takes a wholisitc view and use both eastern and western techniques to help their patients. He ismuch more than medical a practicioner…he is a healer, concerned about optimizing health not just treating symptoms. Dr. Sadeghi has helped both my daughter and myself overcome some debilitating illnesses through a combined approach of acupuncture, nutritional counseling and(...)

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Jennifer D.

From the moment I walk into the Be Hive of Healing facility I knew this was the place for me. Back in May I was feeling tired, run down, depressed, gaining weight, and overall unwell. A friend of mine insisted Dr. Sadeghi would figure out what was wrong. He came up with a plan to fix me physically, mentally, and spiritually. Almost a year later and I am feeling 100%. I now see how all three aspects effect each other.

I never thought that(...)

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Happy 2012! I’ve been meaning to congratulate you on your upcoming book. I am so excited for you! And for all the readers!

Also, thank you so much for your profound heart felt words. Please know that they are not lost of deaf ears. It may take me a while to really get and understand them, but eventually they resonate and reveal there profundity. Even the news letters feel like you are speaking directly to the soul…truth.

You are a(...)

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Sara L.

I started seeing Dr Sadeghi in 2006 with a myriad of issues that had plagued me my entire life. With his genius I now live a completely full life and never felt better.

This would never have been possible without him. I have benefited greatly from his extensive knowledge of cutting edge testing and his determination in finding results. Dr Sadeghi explains what each and every test results means thus teaching me to take a proactive role in(...)

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Christine R.,

Hi Dr. Sadeghi,

Thank you for the phone appointment together on Friday night. It was a pleasure to meet you! Your medicine is beautiful. I did not take the opportunity to share this with you when I spoke; I was committed to listening. Listening – truly listening – is something I am practicing.

My naive “hope” for the call was that you were going to tell me one of my hormone levels was low and that with some supplementation we could(...)

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Leah S.
Marina del Rey, CA

Dr. Sadeghi is the most intuitive, caring and gifted holistic medical professional I’ve ever encountered.

My first visit couldn’t be compared to any other traditional or naturopathic doctors’ visits I’d had in the past – his medical analysis blew them out-of-the-water. I came in for a typical treatment and he not only discovered the root-cause of that issue but also connected it to other ailments in my body I had not even initially(...)

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Brad F.
Hollywood, CA

Good afternoon, Habib.
Not too long ago you told me that the best of my life was ahead of me. That I wasn’t going to recognize myself. That there was light ahead. And even in my darkest hours your love and kindness and endless generosity and wisdom made me believe you. And now, as I find myself standing in or at least stepping into that light you talked about I marvel at how bright it is and how unrecognizable I am and, most importantly,(...)

heal mild dysplasia
Penelope A.

I wanted to share with you the good news I got today. My recent pap smear (last week) just came back with NO more HPV! And, the mild dysplasia that showed up last time is 100% gone. I am SO happy. I know it’s because of my protocol you've put me on. Thank you so much for supporting me through this and helping me get to this healthy state. Can’t thank you enough. Thank you thank you! I Am very grateful.

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Josie S.

After two years of feeling terrible, spending countless dollars and hours on doctors who merely rushed me through a cold and heartless process only to tell me I was “just depressed,” I decided to find a health center that treated the whole human being. When I called the office where Dr Sadeghi worked, the woman who answered the phone said: “Dr. Sadeghi is a true healer. He is my doctor.” This impressed me enough to make the first(...)

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Taylor P.
Seattle, WA

When I first walked in the door of Be Hive of Healing I knew I was entering a healing sanctuary- safe, peaceful, restful and rejuvenating. Everyone there is wonderful, the nurses have the lightest touch, I have never felt more comfortable getting blood work in my life!

Dr Sadeghi is hands down the most amazing doctor I have ever met. He is a true healer in every sense. He sees his patients in their wholeness, addressing more than just(...)

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Louisa W.

First I’d like to thank you for being such a great doctor! You are an amazing knowledgeable doctor with a big heart! I’m grateful to have found you. I feel it’s finally coming together after years at lost. What a rare gem to find someone who combines western with other healing techniques! I think I’m your walking billboard.

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Ana P.

Dr. S., You are a magician. Thank you for the session today, my soul needed it. All my love.

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I am overjoyed and grateful. Grateful beyond words for YOU. For our work together for meeting you for my life altering better than I ever knew it could be And wanted to share, because I get to work with you and your miraculous healing team- my sister and I embraced with tears flowing down my cheeks saying goodbye at the airport. Spent more time the past two days than we have in three years. AND I am overjoyed to share some of the greatest(...)

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Meg B.
Los Angeles, CA

I was referred to Dr. Sadeghi at the Be hive of Healing Center by a dear friend of mine, Alicia Larry form Essential Blu. (She is an amazing colon hydro-therapist by the way. If you don’t have one, I highly recommend her.)

I saw myself judging the Be Hive of Healing Center right off the bat when I found out that the first step before setting an appointment was to fill out these long questionnaire forms prior to meeting with him. I was a(...)

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Libby W.
Santa Monica, CA

Dr Sadeghi

I simply cannot find the words that will ever communicate to you how precious you are to me. For the depth of your loving and generous heart I give thanks to God.
You are truly an angel and an inspiration to me. I love you with all my heart .

By the way…… We Are Pregnant!

get more energy

Dr. Sadeghi, Thank You. I’m noticing every birthday since I first came to visit how much better I’m feeling and how much more energy I have!

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Washington DC

You have saved and changed my life and I am forever grateful and thank God for you.

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Angela P.
Pacific Palisades, CA

I just want to take a moment to acknowledge you during our very busy day. I went to my eye doctor yesterday and my pressures were a point lower in both eyes. I do not have to have surgery just as you told me. Thank you so much for all of your guidance and support. Love and light always.

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LeRoy R.

I have spent my entire life in and out of the doctor’s, nutritionist’s, homeopath’s, chiropractor’s, and acupuncturist’s office and never have I felt so well-understood and taken care of as when I walk into Dr. Sadeghi’s office. He listens with his heart and has not forgotten a single bit of information I’ve given. His sensitivity is unlike anything I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing in a doctor/patient relationship. I feel as(...)

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Charles G.

When I initially came to see you I had exhausted all other options as it related to my erectile dysfunction. I had seen no less then 12 modern western MD’s and was told that I would need a prosthesis inserted. The date to perform the procedure had already been booked. I had received counseling on the procedure and I was well on my way at 34 years old, otherwise in good shape to having this procedure performed. The thought that at my age, in(...)

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Be Hive Patient, CA

Well you’re a very special healer. Dr. Crooks called and said its a mild abnormality showing like before and she’s going to hold off on the Leep. Thank you Dr. S.

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Dr. Sadeghi,

As I’m sitting on my bed, drinking tea, dabbling with the writing of wedding vows, you are on my mind and in my heart. I have momentarily mastered the art of Being in a state of absolute gratitude. Thus, I have been drawn to write you this email. Ever since the plane ride home to Canada, I have felt urged to sing your praise; however, I always resigned, believing you had heard it all, that nothing I could say would be(...)

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I live on the East Coast & do have a Primary Care Internist in my town; however, I use Dr. S at Be Hive of Healing as my 1st choice doctor. He mixes Western & Eastern medicine philosophies & the result for me has been extraordinary.

His supplements & herbal remedies are super too! A perfect example is his scar cream. A friend of mine had MOHS surgery on her chest in Dec 2012. I had the same surgery in the exact same location on my chest(...)

share a moment

I wanted to take a moment to share with you how eternally grateful my family and I are to you for what you have done in our lives. I feel that God is using you to give my family hope and to keep our faith alive. I came to you because I had 2 hip surgeries, 1 abdominal surgery and one broken shoulder, all in a 1½ year time frame. These conditions contributed to depression and a host of other physical, emotional and spiritual problems for me.(...)

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