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Be Hive of Healing cares very much about your integrative and holistic health care experience. Below are testimonials and letters sent to us over the years. We invite you to share your experience by submitting a personalized review.

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Julie G.

Dr Sadeghi, I can’t thank you enough. From your magical hands, to your words of inspiration…Every time I walk into your office, I am overcome with a deep feeling of trust and support. Every time I walk out thru your door, I leave feeling better, filled with new knowledge, new insights and new intentions.

I can’t thank you enough for all you have done…all you have given me. I look forward to continuing my life’s journey of health and(...)

Sara B.
Sara B.
Los Angeles, CA

Mine is a testimonial of both being lost and being found. Lost, insecure, surrounded by self-doubt and engrained in generations of unserving patterns, I found Madhu. I found him in a place which was my bottom- my lowest point. Having been broken up with recently, and with painful remnants still surviving from my divorce.

“Building glass castles on quicksand” was my first key diagnosis– one which quickly began a year plus journey of(...)

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Thanks for all you’ve done for both of us. Thanks for the newsletter we got this morning too. It helps to calm me down and puts things into correct prospective.

Amber loves coming to see all of you. I can say that about no other doctor or doctor’s office. Through this whole ordeal, you have been our gift from God. We thank God for you and thank you for your love toward us.

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Ellen F.

In short, Dr. Sadeghi’s Program works immediately. The fat on my stomach and elsewhere literally melted away. Dr. Sadeghi carefully spelled out the diet plan and the permissible foods. It was easy to follow, prepare and the results were immediate. In all, I lost 25+ pounds and have so much energy now. I am now beginning Maintenance again. I can honestly say I was not hungry on this plan and my success was so rewarding. I feel like a new(...)

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Gary D.
Sherman Oaks

My dear Dr. S,

The changing of the year means more to me than the changing of a number. It can bring a surge of joy in the image of renewal. This I wish for you and your family, my dear and valuable friend.
“We know separation so well because we’ve tasted the union.

“The reed flute makes music because it has already experienced changing mud and rain and light into sugarcane.
Longing becomes more poignant if in the distance you can’t(...)

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Cloud E.
New York

YOU ARE BEYOND BRILLIANT. I am grateful beyond words to have you in my life ~ and by extension you touch everyone in my life. THANK YOU for your brilliance, patience, LOVE, and for my life. My gratitude to you is boundless. I am so happy to have this life. Thank YOU for reminding us ALL of who we are and what we can BE.
You are my hero.
With love & heaps of gratitude!

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Tanya S
Los Angeles, CA

I was diagnosed with 3rd Stage Breast Cancer 2 years ago. After all my treatments, I was pretty much skeptical about everything, every doctor and even my prognosis. Prior to seeing Dr. Sadeghi, I had a bi lateral mastecomy with 19 cancerous lymph nodes removed and had multiple complications with the healing. I was even readmitted to the hospital with incisions breaking open. 6 months later, I went to see Dr. Sadeghi. He put me on a strict(...)

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Los Angeles, California

Dr Sadeghi,

Hope you had a fantastic weekend.

How is it that you always amaze me again and again???

As you know we went camping with Wildwoods 5th grade class this weekend. While chatting with some of my friends I overheard this mom, whose kids just started at Wildwood, saying: "My new doctor told me that I have to work on myself." The enthusiasm in her voice, the sparkling light in her eyes, and the love with which she said it made me(...)

Mary A.
Mary A.

Both my husband and I work with Dr. Sadeghi on our healing. I have spent most of my adult life not feeling quite right, but did not know why. I have always seen western doctors that medicate or operate instead of getting to the root of what is going on in my system. After being diagnosed with an illness that was devastating to me, I knew in my heart that there must be something else lying underneath the symptoms. When I came to Dr. Sadeghi,(...)

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Stacey L.
Encino, CA

Hi Dr. Sadeghi,

It was a pleasure seeing you yesterday. I really want to take a moment to thank you for helping me so much the last few years. Do you know that you are the only doctor I have seen (and I have seen many over the last decade) who has acknowledged and treated my b12 deficiency? If it weren’t for you I never would have discovered my parasite or learned about the toxicity of heavy metals. I even learned about nutrition and the(...)

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Thank you so much! I did exactly what you said. And…his mother said he is back to his old self today!!!!!!! Its a miracle!!!! You are a miracle. They are starting the homeopathic remedies today. I appreciate it so much. THANK YOU.

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Lisa R.

I was introduced to Dr. Sadeghi, a few years ago and have trusted him and the rest of his amazing staff to over a dozen of my close friends and family.When I first met Dr.Sadeghi, he spent over an hour with me… and I left his office feeling like I was truly cared for. His holistic approach, covered all my root causes and did not just try and cover over symptoms. The tests that he ran were so thorough and specific, allowing him to develop a(...)

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Lizzy R.

Dearest Dr Sadeghi,

Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family!

I cant believe Im getting married in just a few months! WOW!

I wanted you to know how instrumental you are in my life and I know for sure I wouldnt be getting married if you hadnt come into my life! You have been an integral part of my healing- giving me the love and tools to believe Im worthy of love, let alone a marriage.

I still struggle with self-love but I(...)

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Vanessa C.

I was treated by Dr. Sadeghi for severe neck pain. My back pain had been consistent all Summer long and I was letting it go, but when I couldn’t move my neck, I knew it was time to get treatment. Dr. Sadeghi was able to pinpoint exactly what kind of emotional trauma I had been through based on the pain I was having, even though I hadn’t discussed this with him before. Truly amazing! I cannot express the amount of compassion he treated me(...)

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Mark F.
Santa Clarita, CA

I first started seeing Dr Sadeghi about 4 years ago. I was having very very odd stomach problems. I went to all kinds of doctors and had every possible test you can think of – everything came back totally fine. Yet I was in awful pain and thought for sure that I was going to die. A friend told me that you have to go see Dr Sadeghi – he works miracles. I made an appointment and went in. I took in all my test results that I had done and he(...)

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Dearest Dr. Sadeghi, Hope this finds you well. I had an appointment yesterday with my oncologist who asked me where I found energy and radiance from.. 100% from my Californian miracle stay at Be Hive!He was convinced that he didn't try to introduce again Tamoxifen treatment, you can't imagine what it mean to me!! So besides some family stress (my father has been at the hospital for the last 3 weeks) and some digestive issues, I am doing(...)

Tree of Life
Grant A.

Unlike most doctor’s, Dr. Sadeghi thinks ‘outside the box’. No one else offered me any hope. He offered me real results. He’s a brilliant diagnostician, and a physician who who genuinely cares.

Nicole S.
Nicole S.

I came to Dr Sadeghi at the end of my rope. For four years I had been dealing with extreme fatigue, loss of appetite coupled with weight gain and just overall malaise. I was pretty confident my adrenal glands were underperforming but the herbalists, homeopaths and Western doctors I had been going to were either completely ineffectual or suggesting methods I did not want to follow. Dr. Sadeghi was the first person who listened to me and did(...)

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“I LOVE Be Hive of Healing! And I LOVE Dr. Sadeghi! He and his incredibly gifted & loving staff know how to take care of patients! I have experienced this first hand! The minute I walked into his office I was greeted with such warmth! I felt so cared for by Dr. S (and his staff)! I have personally experienced a tremendous amount of healing in my body, mind and soul as a result of being at the Be Hive of Healing. Dr. Sadeghi is a gifted(...)

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Sue A.

Dear Dr S,

I hardly know how to begin to thank you for your help.

It is so hard when something is wrong with you physically but you can’t seem to really get a handle on it and what you do try does not help much or makes it worse. That was the story for me. I felt so weak and discouraged! When you explained the 10-day detox program and assured me that I would greatly benefit from it, I must say I was on the desperate side and a bit(...)

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Hi Dr. Sami and Dr. S., I have been meaning to write you both since we have been back in CT. Kelly has gained about 12 pounds and just recently got her period again, it’s been almost 3 years … Kelly will write you both when she can gets through this crazy time with pending College apps and tons of homework. As her Mom, I can’t tell you how thankful I am that you two were part of her life..it didn’t seem at the time like we were ever going(...)

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Priscilla C.
Burbank, CA

Happy New Year.

I hope that the holidays were good to you and your family.

The tincture you made for me to take while I was in New York worked perfectly. I did not get sick at all. The vitamin shots gave me much energy to travel into the heavy populated Manhattan and do all that I wanted to do. Even in the extreme cold and snow. I felt fine.
Thank You Dr. S

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Mark J.
Upland, CA

I’ve come to believe that finding Dr. Sadeghi is truly a gift from God to my family and myself. I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer in March of 2011. As you can imagine, I was very scared and apprehensive about what to do.

My initial Meeting with Dr Sadeghi was over 2 hours. Not only did he dive head first into my medical history, but also into my family history. I soon discovered that not only did I need to heal physically, but(...)

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Libby W.

I can guarantee you that you have never met a doctor that even comes close to this guy. Dr Habib Sadeghi in my experience is a profoundly empathetic, deeply caring and intelligent man of immense integrity: he is far more than a doctor he is a Physician of the Soul. Dr Sadeghi is able to lovingly articulate and effectively address the underlying core issues and emotions that lead to pain and suffering: his ability to assist one in exploring(...)

my hip is all better! stuck energy created muscle pressure which created my hip pain. speak up. get unstuck :) Click to watch the video!

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