Testimonials from our dearest patients

Be Hive of Healing cares very much about your integrative and holistic health care experience. Below are testimonials and letters sent to us over the years. We invite you to share your experience by submitting a personalized review.

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Dave S.
Los Angeles, CA

I was a patient of Dr Sadeghi about 3 years ago now. I just realized that I needed to right a review. Especially since I trust most of my fellow yelper ratings before giving my hard earned money to any business.

I visited Dr. Sadeghi for weight control, health and to increase my immunity.
Both myself and Dr Sadeghi decided the healthiest choice for me was HCG weight loss supplement. Before starting any plan, Dr Sadeghi requested that I(...)

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Cristy VC

I don’t really know how else to say it but you’ve saved me.

His eyes..

I love, I pray,
I seek to find,
But found no hope the more I tried.
The lies I’d made
Were truths inside,
Because through his eyes my dreams revived.
Through the darkness she went
With her dead heartbeat,
And inside the maze she let her scars bleed.
Far from above,
Through the open space
The wounded had healed
But all in her gaze.
Forgone her(...)

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Raven R.

Dr. Sadeghi and Staff, I want to thank you for getting on me the right track to health. You have identified what I had suspected all along but the traditional western medical approach would not or could not acknowledge. Combining your treatments (vitamin drips, supplements, dietary changes, accupuncture, cranial sacral) with my own commitment to healing, I am having more days in which I feel ready and able to respond to life. The wellness(...)

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Randy P.


My wife and I live in Medina, Ohio 44256. We are near Cleveland, Ohio (zip code 44017.) I am hoping there might be doctors in our area who practice like Dr. Sadeghi that you could recommend.

Also – my wife is an RN at the main campus of the Cleveland Clinic and works with very seriously ill patients. She is doing all she can to bring the teachings of Dr. Sadeghi meaningfully to her patients. It is her heartfelt goal to bring Dr.(...)

Coco F.
Coco F.

Aloha lovely Dr Sadeghi,

I want to thank you both so much for all you have done for me!

I am forever grateful to the entire Behive team but most especially to you. I never stop missing the care and community I received at your clinic, and the next time I’m in LA I will come in for my third IV treatment so I can reconnect to you in person.

Thank you for your kindness, and if there is anything, big or small that I can do for you(...)

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Cloud C.
New York

Last year, I became quite sick. Could barely get out of bed in the morning to put my son on his school bus, much less function & run my company – I was scared and didn’t recognized myself. By the time I met with Dr. Sadeghi, I’d had a tough miscarriage and had been misdiagnosed by many doctors (an endocrinologist, a Harvard trained doctor, you name it).

Dr. Sadeghi pin-pointed EXACTLY what was wrong. I often turn to yelp to help pick(...)

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Meredith S.
In Gratitude

Right now I am shifting my frequency to meet the person that I am becoming as I shed the old layers and emerge into my Self. I feel where the old me is feeling more and more like a residue, whereas before it felt like all there was. I am shifting my frequency to meet Dr. Sadeghi, for he has shown me who I am and who I can become as I peel away the layers of myself that are no longer applicable to who I am today.

The image I have of(...)

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Dear Dr. S,

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your love, compassion, and relentless care. I appreciate you very much. Despite whatever may happen or how my kidney illness may progress going forward, please know that your care and treatment helped me tremendously. You have given me two additional years of a good quality of life; and I’m grateful. You are an excellent physician with an unusual intellectual curiosity that(...)

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Marcia L.
Los Angeles, CA

Dr Sadeghi is a healer’s healer. More than any other doctor I’ve encountered, he tends the body, mind and spirit in equal measure. This is not your run of the mill doctor’s visit, in the old medical paradigm. This is a true collaboration between doctor and patient, and an experience of healing at a much deeper level. If you are looking for wellness and the alleviation of suffering, an elevation in your own health, with an amazing staff, in(...)

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Libby W.
Model - Australia

Thank you so much for another incredibly insightful time today, you are rich with wisdom and it blows my mind how committed you are to this work of loving. You are the full unbridled expression of love and it is such a joy to lay my eyes on you, you are the hope of humanity standing right before my eyes.

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Azita M.

One day a patient of mine, whom I hadn’t seen for a while came to see me, she was looking very good. She told me she was getting treatments from a wonderful western doctor. His name is Dr. Sadeghi, whom actualy, i should meet and work with because he is an integrative practitioner, he even does acupuncture!

Intuitively i felt that i should meet this person, since i was suffering from a chronic abdominal bloating for the past 10 years,(...)

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Larelle C.

Every moment I am alive I have so much gratitude in my heart for Dr. Habib Sadeghi of www.behiveofhealing.com. Healer, wise old soul Doctor, a gift of love, light and life to many.

It’s over 5 years since this gentle wise, loving doctor embraced me with his loving care. I remember with gratitude forever. I felt his heart reaching out to beat in rhythm with mine so that he would feel my fear, my pain, my loss, my desperate plea to BE safe(...)

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Tammi L.

Hello Dr. Sadeghi,

Just wanted to wish you and your family Happy Holidays!!
I think of you often and will be forever thankful for the love and support you gave my dad thru his sickness!!!
You are an amazing man.

I hope to come and visit you in sunny California very soon:) And have my son and daughter meet you:)


Leslie G.
Leslie G.
Malibu, CA

I was lucky enough to have a friend recommend Dr. Sadeghi at Behive of Healing about 3 years ago. I was recovering from breast cancer and had also been diagnosed with Lyme disease.
I had chosen to take the holistic road to healing but I needed more support.

The first time I walked into his office was the most life changing event I have ever experienced. Not only did Dr Sadeghi and his amazing staff support me physically but also(...)

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United Arab Emirate

Dear Dr. Sadeghi,
You are on my mind often and I feel too much time has passed where I keep thinking to write you and show gratitude for entering my life when you did.

I tell my story often and impart advice you have given me. I saw something recently about how Nexium is damaging. Reminded me of my journey and how I was lead to you and what a hard time it was for me.

I still hit bumps and bruises in the way of life and healing but(...)

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Jennifer L.

For over eight years, I had been researching for a medical practitioner I could trust, who is educated in the medical field as well as practices natural and/or homeopathic ways of healing. I had witnessed my mother experience very poor medical treatment over the period of her life and thus was very apprehensive towards the medical industry as a whole.

Dr. Sadeghi had come highly recommended from a friend who has the same high standards(...)

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Laurie F.
Seattle, WA

As I sit here in the middle of the night waiting for my brain to turn off, I find myself thinking about our conversation earlier. I’ve been friends with enough of my doctors over the years to know that there are times when you can feel like a medical vending machine. I don’t know if anyone else ever gives you a genuine thank you but I want to. You know I’ve been to more doctors over the years than I could possibly count. There have been(...)

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Jill J.
Los Angeles, CA

Thank you dr s!
Words can’t describe how thankful I am to you and your staff for healing me. I feel so fortunate / blessed to have been referred to you. I’ve been pain free for well over a year now.

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Barbara G.

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Sadeghi for four years, during which time, he has treated not only myself, but my entire family. Dr. Sadeghi’s exacting diagnoses pinpoint the root causes of pain, illness and disease, and his “medicine bag” contains various modalities to treat problems including: homoepathy, acupuncture, osteopathy, and conventional medicine among other things. His compassionate manner is calming, and his deep understanding of(...)

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Gina S.
Los Angeles, CA

Thank you so much Dr. S for taking the time to reply to me.

When you asked me how I was doing Saturday while I felt I am doing good I failed to mention I have been shaken to my core over the last three years especially in the last 6 months. I have turned my attention fully on God and i am deeply willing to listen, grow and awaken.

I am ready to completely be transformed for the highest good and am praying daily for the deepest most(...)

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Ursula B.
Santa Monica, CA

For 5 years a patient at the Behive of Healing in Santa Monica, I close my eyes as I reflect on Dr. Habib Sadeghi, founder of this incredible place of healing and medicine, in order to write a testimony worthy of his importance in the world of medicine.

Every time I enter the Behive of Healing, I am instantly transported into a different world. One of Zen, loving energy, invigorating color schemes, healing messages placed tastefully(...)

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Natalie S.
Hollywood, CA

I have had the fortune of being under Dr Sadeghi’s care since June 2013. It was a life changing moment for me walking through the door into the Be Hive Of Healing. In just 3 short months Dr S’s treatment plan has already improved my life and health considerably. Dr S’s approach is like no other. The way he looks at your whole health /life situation is like no other doctor i have seen. The way he combines treatments; physically, mentally &(...)

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In 2009 I woke up one morning a couple days after a sexual encounter with an unusual rash in my private area and I immediately rushed to see our family’s renowned dermatologist. After a swab test I was diagnosed with herpes. I was a sexually active(usually safe) bachelor and this news was as devastating as anything I could imagine. My whole reality and existence had been rocked. Upon getting the lab results I was frantic and the(...)

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Dani K.

I spent the better (worse?) part of 2007 physically deteriorating. I saw various doctors, healers, and alternative practitioners who proffered incongruous theories and expensive prescriptions that only drained the threadbare strands of energy to which I was clinging (as well as my checking account), and exacerbated my frustration. Nothing helped, and by September, my health had gotten so bad that I remember spending an entire day lying on(...)


Dearest Dr. Habib Sadeghi,
Your thoughts energy and blessing along with the image you attached, brought tears of joy to my eyes. My heart is over flow with love and gratitude. words can not even express how I truly feel :)
I miss you much… while here with all the ups and down of my life journey, I completely know in my heart that thanks to your support, love and care, somehow my life are supported and moving with blessing – even in(...)