Testimonials from our dearest patients

Be Hive of Healing cares very much about your integrative and holistic health care experience. Below are testimonials and letters sent to us over the years. We invite you to share your experience by submitting a personalized review.

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Alma C.

I was diagnosed with Grave’s Disease about fourteen months ago. After experiencing all the classic symptoms of Grave’s my regular doctor refered me to an endocrinologist. Life as I knew it would soon be just a memory. As he checked off all my symptoms and reviewed the blood work, he confirmed that my thyroid levels where very high. He also told me that I should really be considering Radiation to get rid of the thyroid. I asked to first try(...)

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Baelyn N.
Venice, CA

Good Morning Dr. S!!!

I want to take a moment to share my gratitude for you!
So many times you come up in conversation amidst the many beautiful souls in my community that
are having the opportunity to go deep into their healing with you as their guide. Always we are amazed and in
awe in the ways you show up and the way you look at healing. :)

The pieces of my puzzle are really fitting together now and external creations are(...)

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Ana P.
Venice, CA

Working with Dr Sadegi is a truly integrated experience, a union of theory and practice. Through working with him one feels the healing in daily life, the somewhat abstract idea of healing becomes embodied, in action, applied and transforming ones core. Meeting Dr Sadeghi has been one of the most influential events in my life. He has addressed the “technicalities” of my physiology but also my soul, initiating a kind of healing dance between(...)

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Gigi C.
Woodland Hills, CA

Reflecting back on my life, I can confidently say Dr. Sadeghi helped turn my life around for the better. Much better. Without getting too deep into my story, he was there when I physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally needed help and support to fight a difficult addiction. His knowledge, professionalism and compassion made all the difference in impacting my transition in a positive way. He went that extra mile in sharing with me(...)

Nicole F.
Nicole F.
Los Angeles, California
Strength & Empowerment

I have been a patient at BeHive of Healing for about three and a half years now during which my life has changed and opened up in so many wonderful ways, for which I'm enormously grateful to Dr. Sadeghi and his fantastic staff. I first came to see Dr. Sadeghi upon referral by a friend because of some equilibrium issues I had been suffering from for about 7 years before that point. I had already pretty much turned away from Western medicine(...)