Testimonials from our dearest patients

Be Hive of Healing cares very much about your integrative and holistic health care experience. Below are testimonials and letters sent to us over the years. We invite you to share your experience by submitting a personalized review.

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LeRoy R.

I have spent my entire life in and out of the doctor’s, nutritionist’s, homeopath’s, chiropractor’s, and acupuncturist’s office and never have I felt so well-understood and taken care of as when I walk into Dr. Sadeghi’s office. He listens with his heart and has not forgotten a single bit of information I’ve given. His sensitivity is unlike anything I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing in a doctor/patient relationship. I feel as(...)

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Charles G.

When I initially came to see you I had exhausted all other options as it related to my erectile dysfunction. I had seen no less then 12 modern western MD’s and was told that I would need a prosthesis inserted. The date to perform the procedure had already been booked. I had received counseling on the procedure and I was well on my way at 34 years old, otherwise in good shape to having this procedure performed. The thought that at my age, in(...)

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Be Hive Patient, CA

Well you’re a very special healer. Dr. Crooks called and said its a mild abnormality showing like before and she’s going to hold off on the Leep. Thank you Dr. S.

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Dr. Sadeghi,

As I’m sitting on my bed, drinking tea, dabbling with the writing of wedding vows, you are on my mind and in my heart. I have momentarily mastered the art of Being in a state of absolute gratitude. Thus, I have been drawn to write you this email. Ever since the plane ride home to Canada, I have felt urged to sing your praise; however, I always resigned, believing you had heard it all, that nothing I could say would be(...)

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I live on the East Coast & do have a Primary Care Internist in my town; however, I use Dr. S at Be Hive of Healing as my 1st choice doctor. He mixes Western & Eastern medicine philosophies & the result for me has been extraordinary.

His supplements & herbal remedies are super too! A perfect example is his scar cream. A friend of mine had MOHS surgery on her chest in Dec 2012. I had the same surgery in the exact same location on my chest(...)