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I wanted to share with you an amazing story from Reader’s Digest that’s turned out to be one of the magazine’s most read articles in its 95-year history. Considering the pocket-sized publication reaches 10.5 million people each month, that’s saying something. What’s unique about this story is that it’s a great example of the influence of the mind on health, as well as how synchronicity lines everything up to put us in the right place at the right time.

Jim Malloy (75) was a retired engineer who often spent time as a medical actor faking various illnesses to help medical students in their studies at the University of Virginia School of Medicine. Over the years, he’d faked all kinds of physical maladies and diseases. To him, it was a fun part-time job and an interesting pastime in his retirement.

Many years ago, while I was working at US Health Works in downtown Los Angeles, I’d seen a similar although far less serious situation play out where the mind produced a real physical condition in the body.

One day in February 2013, Jim took his position on the gurney and received his illness assignment, an abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA). In this serious condition, the main blood vessel that supplies blood to the abdomen, pelvis and legs can enlarge, swelling up for years until it bursts, often times without a single symptom. In most cases, and without preventative medicine, it’s fatal.

When Ryan Jones, a third-year medical student, entered the room, Jim followed his script and complained of light-headedness and stomach pain. When Ryan pressed down on Jim’s abdomen, he was shocked at what he found—a pulsating mass. Ryan asked himself in disbelief, “Could this fake patient have a real aneurysm?”

Thoroughly confused, Ryan stepped back and tried to get Jim to break character so he could tell him he thought he had a real aneurysm, but Jim wouldn’t let go of the façade. It was only after Ryan called on the assistance of his attending physician that Jim understood the seriousness of the situation. He was advised to see a cardiologist immediately. Incredibly, Jim said he felt terrific and had even seen his family physician just two weeks earlier.

An ultrasound later showed that Jim did indeed have an AAA that was 6 cm in diameter and on the verge of rupture. Immediate surgery to insert a stent and deflate the aneurysm saved his life. Later that week, Jim’s wife would meet two women whose husbands died of the same condition.

What’s incredible is that Jim could have received an assignment to fake any one of hundreds of illnesses he’d acted out over the years that day. If he hadn’t received the assignment of an AAA, Ryan wouldn’t have had any reason to perform that part of the physical exam, and Jim most certainly would have died in the coming days.

Not only is this story an incredible example of how synchronicities can line up in our favor, but quite possibly a testament to how the mind affects the health of the body. Jim had been faking illnesses for years, and now he had one. He’d surely performed the AAA several other times in the past. If you believe that acting AS IF your desire is already manifested can actually bring it into being in a quantum universe, then it’s interesting to contemplate how this might apply to Jim’s story. If we can speak to our body through physical and emotional action to bring wellness, then it can certainly work in the reverse, as in Jim’s case.

Many years ago, while I was working at US Health Works in downtown Los Angeles, I’d seen a similar although far less serious situation play out where the mind produced a real physical condition in the body.

A company was certain an employee was faking a wrist injury. I knew he wasn’t faking his condition because there was clear inflammation in the fascia of his hand. As it turned out, this patient had a seizure disorder. Closed circuit video of his work station showed that he’d actually had a mild seizure the day of the alleged injury. It was during the post ictal period, the 5-30 minutes of altered consciousness immediately following a seizure, that the patient noticed something had fallen off a shelf onto his work area. He was so certain that his shaking had caused the item to fall and hit his hand that his pain began almost immediately, with inflammation that followed. This was in spite of the video of the entire incident that showed the item never made contact with his hand. So the good news was that there was no accident and yet, there was a real injury, and it all came down to the power of the mind.

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Dr. Sadeghi & Dr. Sami
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