Be Hive of Healing Will Host Screening of “The Biggest Little Farm” Featuring John & Molly Chester of Apricot Lane Farms

John and Molly Chester run Apricot Lane Farms in Moorpark, CA like a mini ecosystem. They know that in order for the food they produce to be nutrient dense, the farm has to be healthy. That means everything from the bacteria in the soil to the grass, animals, and people on the farm; everything must play its part in the cycle of use and renewal. Nothing takes without giving something back, and nothing goes to waste. This is what it means to be truly sustainable.

Their regenerative farming methods begin with the soil because if it doesn’t contain the right nutrients, they can’t be in the food that’s grown in it. Wild grasses and legumes are sown to feed the healthy microbes and hold moisture in the soil in order to prevent top soil loss. Manure isn’t thrown away but fed to 40,000 worms along with vegetable scraps in their vermicomposting operation. As a result, the worm casting are loaded with beneficial bacteria for the soil and are either used around the farm or composted and irrigated across the gardens and fields.

Livestock are kept on the move and rotated through various pastures to avoid overgrazing. This allows the pastures time to rest and restore, unlike factory farms where livestock are stationed in only one place, which isn’t good for the animals or the environment. Leaving trampled grass that hasn’t been completely eaten allows something for the earthworms and soil microbes to feast on, as well. Hormones, antibiotics, and chemical de-wormers are out of the question for livestock. Through balancing copper in their diet, a bit of Diatomaceous Earth and some apple cider vinegar in their water, livestock are kept happy, healthy, and pest-free.

The Biggest Little Farm - John and Molly Chester of Apricot Lane Farms

I recently had the privilege of watching a documentary based on Apricot Lane Farms and the symbiotic process on which it functions. It was amazing to see how John and Molly understood that the connection between food and health is a closed system and how they incorporated their love for farming into that process. In a time when healthcare means being anti-everything these days from anti-histamines to anti-cancer drugs, John and Molly have shown how health and balance can return when we choose to work with the natural forces in and around us.

Be Hive of Healing is excited to announce that we will soon be hosting an evening with John and Molly to screen their documentary, The Biggest Little Farm, and offer a Q&A session afterward. Of course, an evening such as this wouldn’t be complete without attendees sharing a healthy, whole foods meal together. Further details will be provided soon. In the meantime, you can learn more about Apricot Lane Farms here.

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Dr. Sadeghi
Dr. Habib Sadeghi D.O., is the co-founder of Be Hive of Healing, an integrative health center based in Los Angeles. With more than 15 years of direct patient care, he provides a comprehensive knowledge of revolutionary healing protocols in integrative, osteopathic, anthroposophical, environmental, and family medicine, as well as clinical pharmacology. Through a unique and individualized approach to healthcare that includes evidence-based, Western medical interventions and intuitive Eastern healing modalities, Dr. Sadeghi has been able to achieve astounding results in patient cases that were otherwise deemed hopeless by traditional medicine. Read biography