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Five Essential Questions for Life

Five essential principles we recommend to our patients every day to create a happy, fulfilling life.

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Tattoos and Emotions

Every picture tells a story, especially if it’s tattooed on the human body.

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Answers and Emotional Anti-venom

Tim Friede of Wisconsin has a very strange hobby. He collects the deadliest snakes from all over the world and then allows himself to be bitten by them.

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Digital Downsizing

A life saturated in media technology can easily keep the mind so overly stimulated that there’s no room left to make space where clarity can occur.

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Functional Analysis in Healthcare: How or Why?

When we face a health challenge, nothing seems certain anymore.

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A Healing Prayer for the New Year

A Healing Prayer for the New Year to bring peace to your healing journey and set an intention for a healthy and blessed 2019 for yourself and others.

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Embracing the Rhythm of Life

For me, everything that happened in the last three to four months of 2018 could have filled an entire year.

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Exorcising Your Inner Demons

It’s been almost a year since the release of my book, The Clarity Cleanse, and the approaching date has inspired me to share something else with you that involves another anniversary.

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Ideal Acquaintance

I believe everything happens for a reason and that spirit puts the right people in our paths when we need them the most.

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Highway to Health Hazards

While noise can certainly be a factor, living near highways comes with health related risks too, but no one ever seems to ask how close is too close.

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