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How to Have Hard Conversations—Without Conflict

Disagreements are an inevitable part of life—common among lovers, friends, strangers, coworkers, Twitter followers—and not inherently bad.

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Could There Possibly Be a Link Between Underwire Bras and Breast Cancer??

Forty years ago, at the height of the feminist movement, women were being encouraged by political activists to take off their bras and burn them in a symbolic declaration of independence and power. Today, women are still being encouraged to discard their bras, but by healthcare professionals, for reasons that have less to do with power than with breast cancer prevention.

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MegaZEN Well-being Journal 2015 Collection

This year’s stunningly visual issue is packed with even more articles, health tips, poetry and priceless information than ever before. See how to grab your copy today!

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What Does the Courage to Heal look like?

We can transcend our traumas by recognizing that what appear as problems, are really gifts in disguise. Every pain we suffer carries within it the seed of a greater opportunity.

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Conscious Uncoupling

Divorce is a traumatic and difficult decision for all parties involved—and there’s arguably no salve besides time to take that pain away. However, when the whole concept of marriage and divorce is reexamined, there’s actually something far more powerful—and positive—at play.

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