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Category Archives: Wellness Products

Eliminate Bladder Infections

Eliminate the bladder inflammation that comes with recurrent urinary tract infections with Healing Bladder.

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Immune Boost with Immunoberry

Formulated from some of the most potent antimicrobial natural compounds, Immunoberry Healing provides the extra immune support you need.

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Mind & Mood

Healing Brain & Mood is formulated specifically to nourish brain cells for longevity and optimum function.

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Be Cold-Free This Winter with Bee Immune

Bee Immune is an advanced formula designed to enhance immune function and provide increased resistance.

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Bee Immune

Bee Immune is a proprietary blend of natural, anti-viral elements is a powerful way to resist colds, flu and other viruses throughout the season.

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Medical Magnets: Healing Magnetic Field Therapy

Just like a magnet, both the earth and the human body contain and emit electromagnetic energy.

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Less is More: Natural Skincare Products

When it comes to healthy skincare product ingredients, less is more.

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Opposites Attract: The Cleansing Power of Clay

Bentonite clay is a simple but powerful healing element derived from volcanic ash that has condensed at the bottom of ancient evaporated lake beds.

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The Sound of Clarity – The Clarity Cleanse Audiobook

If time is a challenge for you, consider listening to The Clarity Cleanse on audiobook while you’re on the treadmill at the gym, during your daily commute or somewhere else.

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