"Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing."


We connect with like-minded individuals to make the world a more Healing, Loving, Nurturing, Amazing, Enlightened place.

The Be Hive Community

Among those we support are groups that devote their time and medical services to under-served populations throughout the world, those who provide education, shelter and necessities to children in need, and those who facilitate personal growth and soul-centered healing through spiritual psychology.

Our community is a gathering of individuals and organizations who have the common goal to not only improve the living conditions for the planet as a whole, but to also improve the quality of life for individuals in need.

Helpful Links We Recommend

Be Hive of Healing is proud to share these useful links from trusted professionals in the industry.

Sunlighten Sauna

For Infrared Sauna Benefits and Solutions

Institute for Building Biology

The place to go for education and products for creating safe living spaces.

Swedish Electrosensitivity Network

Information in English about electro sensitivity and health effects of electromagnetic fields and radiation.

Human Action Ecology League (HEAL)

Information about the health effects of environmental exposures and a source for information about your environment and health.

EPA Indoor Air Publications
Ozone Generators that are Sold as Air Cleaners

NCAP | Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides
The Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides works to protect people and the environment by advancing healthy solutions to pest problems.

National Resources Defense Council

NRDC works to safeguard the earth—its people, its plants and animals, and the natural systems on which all life depends.

The Agency For Toxic Substances and Disease Registry. Their website has numerous excellence pages to gather information about exposure and what toxins do.

Debra’s List

One of the best clearinghouses of information about environmentally friendly products and resources.

Bio Integral Resource Center

Specializes in finding non-toxic and least-toxic, integrated pest management solutions to urban and agricultural pest problems.

American Environmental Health Foundation
This foundation, started by William J Rea, MD is a wonderful resource for healthful living. This foundation also sponsors an excellent annual symposium on environmental medicine.

BSC | Building Science Corporation

A company that believes in promoting energy efficiency and environmental responsibility within the constraints of marketable and affordable building technology.

An excellent source to find what toxins are in each zip code.

The National Institute for Environmental Health Science. This government agency produces the finest environmental journal, Environmental Health Perspectives.

ATSDR hazdat site
Utilize this site to help find out what toxins are in the environment in specific areas

Do Pesticides Cause Lymphoma?
Lymphoma and chemicals connection

Cytochrome Substrate and Interaction List
This excellent list produced by Dr. Flockhart lists all known pharmaceutical substrates for the different cytochromes.

Allergy Buyers Club
Site with products for those with sensitivities

American Academy of Environmental Medicine
The AAEM is the group that continues to champion and forward the work of Dr. Theron Randolph.

H3 Environment
Healthy Beds and Bedding, Environmental Products, Interior Design and Eco-Lifestyle Services for the Healthy, Bau-Biologie Home.

Environmental Health News
Environmental news service with free email subscription.

Environmental Estrogens
The site for compilation of environmental estrogens and hormonal disruptors.

Environmental Home Center
A complete source for green building materials—simply the highest-quality choices with the added benefit of being healthy and resource-efficient.

Organic Flowers
Premier online source for socially and environmentally responsible gifts.