Emotion is the Language of Cells

The feelings we attach to what we think that are the real catalyst for manifestation

When it comes to consciously creating our lives, it seems we talk about thoughts most of the time. However, the truth is that it’s the feelings we attach to what we think that are the real catalyst for manifestation. We live in a feeling universe and therefore, emotion is the language of our cells. Emotions are energy in motion, and we can direct that energy to our benefit by choosing what we feel in any given moment. Instead of struggling with which thoughts to think or not think, the fastest way to plug into the energy of what you desire is to be it now. Whatever it is, imagine what it would feel like to already have received it and then step into that state of being right now. When you’re feeling that you have your desire right now, mincing over your thoughts is unnecessary because your conscious and subconscious minds are aligned, and they’re sending your cells a new blueprint of how to be in this moment. As we consciously change our being from moment to moment, eventually it will become our constant (subconscious) state of being. Author, Neville Goddard in a collection of his classic works, Resurrection, that includes Feeling is the Secret, reminds us that, “The only reality is consciousness, and consciousness becomes what it knows.”

Whether you call it acting AS IF or fake it ‘til you make it, there’s much scientific proof behind this spiritual principal. One of the most amazing examples came from Dr. Ellen J. Langer and a study she conducted at Harvard University in 1981.

Dr. Langer placed two groups of men in their 70’s and early 80’s in an old monastery in New Hampshire one week apart. Unknown to the men, she had the entire place transformed as if it was still the 1950’s. Leave It to Beaver, Ozzie & Harriet and similar shows were looped on all the TVs, while the news and sportscasts reported on the latest from Nikita Khrushchev and Mickey Mantle. The radios only played doo-wop music, and LIFE magazine was scattered across the period furniture. The pink Cadillac parked out front was the finishing touch to her life-size time capsule.

The first group to arrive was told to have fun and reminisce the good old days. One week later, the second group was given a different set of instructions. They were told to be as you were in the 1950’s. Don’t remember the past, but act as if you are there now as your younger selves. Feel the way you felt then. Dr. Langer’s original intention was to study how pre-conceived ideas about aging affect the body. Her results were completely unexpected, but equally exciting.

The quality of life we experience depends on understanding the difference between what is and what can be, releasing all preconceived notions and consciously acting on a new assumption.

After one week, the group that was remembering their past showed improvement in all their biomarkers including skin elasticity, hearing, flexibility, systolic blood pressure and sight. Bone density increased and their posture was dramatically straighter. Arthritis that had gnarled many of their hands had begun to loosen its grip. The second group that was acting like their younger selves instead of remembering old times experienced all the same improvements but at dramatically increased levels. Skin elasticity improved so much that their wrinkles started to disappear. Scores on intelligence tests improved, as well.

Dr. Langer’s study shows us that how we feel about anything, especially ourselves, is what drives the power of manifestation. Her work is proof of As Above, So Below. The mind doesn’t just have the power to halt illness and aging, it can reverse them, too. The most amazing confirmation of this study is the biological evidence that showed the men who were feeling like their younger selves, physiologically speaking, actually were younger when the study concluded.

In much the same way as Dr. Langer’s test group, you can “feel it real” so to speak in big and small ways each day. You may not have noticed, but at the top of each supplement label from Be Hive of Healing is the affirmation, “What a balanced and healing life you are living.” It’s our way of helping you stay grounded in a healing consciousness. Every time you’re scheduled to take your supplements, you might want to say to yourself, “What a balanced and healing life I am living”. Say it out loud and make sure you imagine FEELING like you’re in a robust, healthy body. Then go about the rest of your day trying to embody as much of this idea as you can. Each time you can imagine feeling healthy and strong, you send your cells a new set of directions.

Dr. Langer defines her unique brand of work as the psychology of possibility. For her, the quality of life we experience depends on understanding the difference between what is and what can be, releasing all preconceived notions and consciously acting on a new assumption. So imagine how it would feel to have your desire. Step into the feelings of this new assumption and inhabit that state of being now. The powerful energy from the positive feelings generated by this new state will speak to your cells, and they will respond. Dr. Langer certainly agreed in a recent interview with Harvard Magazine:

“Wherever you put the mind, the body will follow. At the end of the [monastery] study, I was playing football—touch, but still football—with these men, some of whom gave up their canes. It is not our physical state that limits us.”

Light & Love in the Month Ahead,
Drs. Sadeghi & Sami

[1] Feinberg, C. (2010, September-October). The Mindfulness Chronicles: On the psychology of possibility. Harvard Magazine, 42-46. Retrieved from http://harvardmag.com/pdf/2010/09-pdfs/0910-42.pdf

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Dr. Sadeghi & Dr. Sami
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