Dr. Habib Sadeghi

Dr. Habib Sadeghi


During my second year of medical school, I was diagnosed with cancer. In the eyes of the healthcare system I was instantly reduced from human being to “cancer patient.” As a young medical student, I was devastated. My treatment options were very bleak. Chemotherapy was, of course, the recommended course of action, but the benefits were questionable at best. I was routinely prescribed anti-anxiety medications and painkillers, but neither my family nor I were ever offered any meaningful psychosocial support. Nutrition was never mentioned; let alone the impact of my emotions, thoughts, or belief system. All alternative or unconventional therapies were dismissed as a complete waste of time. I began to recognize the very limited thinking of a great many conventional physicians.Throughout the tumultuous duration of my dis-ease, I had a relentless thought: “If my family and I are experiencing this with every available resource, what must others go through who don’t have such resources?” Profoundly disturbed by these recurring thoughts, I felt compelled to do something. My dis-ease was forcing me to look outside myself and beyond the confines of modern medicine. Ultimately, out of that pit of fire was born a vision for the Be Hive of Healing.

Instinctively, I knew I needed to honor and care for my mind, heart, and spirit, as well as my body. I took a year-long leave of absence from medical school, during which I experimented with yoga and vegetarian food. I explored the depths of my emotions and subconscious mind to discover a compassion and tenderness that I’d yet to fully realize. I was then able to offer that compassion to the frightened, painful, and neglected parts of myself. Rather than viewing my crisis as an obstacle to overcome, I saw it as a blessing- an opportunity to discover my authentic self and what is truly important in my life. Throughout that year, I intuitively understood that Be Hive of Healing would need to become a haven to address and heal all the facets of our deepest selves- physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.

I chose to return to medical school with a renewed intention: to cultivate an inclusive model of healing; I wanted to utilize my conventional medical training to scientifically examine other healing methods, by the measures of genomics, molecular biology, biochemistry, and psychoneuroimmunology. I immersed myself in the study of Nutrition and Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, and was propelled onto a journey into the worlds of Ayurveda, Tibetan Medicine, Anthroposophical Medicine, Acupuncture and energy healing. I came to understand not only the practical applications of these ancient healing traditions, but the profound impact they could have on the practice of modern medicine.

Be Hive of Healing is the embodiment of a vision of integrated health that emerged from my own personal experience- a vision shared by seekers of true healing. It is a multi-disciplinary network of healing professionals gathered together to empower individuals to achieve optimal wellness. Against a backdrop of unconditional love, we are committed to addressing the essential question: what is the best course of healing for each individual. As I have been both patient and doctor, I understand not only the desire to be well, but the vigilance and openness required to explore every available road to wellness. In a westernized profession that is often closed to the wisdom of Wholistic modalities, we are in desperate need of a resource center that offers a complete spectrum of personalized healing. Be Hive of Healing is that center.