International College of Spiritual Nutrition

Healing through Education


For years, Sherry and I have reached out to patients, friends and the community at large with important messages about health and healing. Through our monthly newsletters and yearly well-being workshops, we’ve worked tirelessly to educate others about the crucial link between emotions, spiritual connection and physical health. Along with the expansion of services that came with the opening of the new Be Hive of Healing Medical and Dental Center in Agoura Hills, we are excited to announce the expansion of our educational services through the creation of the interactive online academy, the International College of Spiritual Nutrition (ICSN).

We’ve created the overall curriculum and content of each ICSN course with a team of highly respected professionals, at the top of their fields, in spiritual education, psychology, medicine and integrative therapies. Through an increasingly intensive exploration of the physical and metaphysical, the program is specifically designed to re-establish the student’s integrative healing pathway between mind, body and spirit. In an unconventional and transformative way, participants will discover what it really means to feed their soul through a fearless journey into the elements of spiritual nutrition including love, gratitude, empathy, compassion, forgiveness, creative fulfillment and more.

International College of Spiritual Nutrition (ICSN)

Through an increasingly intensive exploration of the physical and metaphysical, the program is specifically designed to re-establish the student’s integrative healing pathway between mind, body and spirit.

A critical review of medical research regarding the correlation between emotional well-being and health, as well as spontaneous remission from disease, is included. Each student will also conduct an individual research project based on his or her personal progress and discoveries throughout the previous portion of the coursework.

This self-study program is uniquely designed to allow students to progress at their own pace. To keep the content current and relevant, recurring special event podcasts will be scheduled with experts in the fields of Chinese medicine, yoga, chiropractic care, Reiki, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), biofeedback, epigenetics and others. Certification will be available upon completion of the course. Individual classes may also be taken based on one’s interest and availability. At this time, we are investigating the offering of continuing education credits.

ICSN Gives Back

As a nonprofit organization, ICSN’s mission is to heal through outreach. Among its top priorities is to partner with local medical schools and nursing programs. During four to ten years of schooling, medical science students receive no education about the crucial healing connection between the mind and body, not to mention herbal supplementation, nutrition, integrative therapies and emotional healing. To truly change the face of healthcare, we must reach the healers of tomorrow with this vital information. For this reason ICSN will partner with local colleges and universities to provide free presentations for their medical and nursing students on these very topics. Filling the education gap and generating interest at the student level in this way may just be the catalyst modern medicine needs to take the next necessary step in its evolution.

Through an ICSN-sponsored volunteer program, certified graduates will connect with community members in hospitals, hospices, nursing homes, homeless shelters and correctional facilities to introduce them to the concepts of emotional healing and spiritual connection. It is in these locations that people often feel the most disconnected and are in need of inspiration, comfort and a shift in consciousness.

Weekend workshops will be offered to low-income patients suffering from chronic disease. Each meeting will focus on an individual illness and provide attendees an opportunity to participate in mind/body healing exercises such as emotional release techniques, guided meditations, sound vibration therapy and creative expression projects.

Through its public school partnership, ICSN representatives and graduates will conduct presentations for students in grades K-12 teaching how to access their empathy and compassion. The graphic nature of aggressive content in film, TV and video games has hardened children and disconnected them from their kindness. The result is the epidemic of bullying we see throughout the educational system. Compassion is a key component in the ICSN program and, it should be as well, in the heart of every child.

ICSN youth programs also include outreach and education for children in foster homes. The disconnection and pain these children feel often causes many social problems and may negatively affect health in adulthood if not neutralized early in life. Through simple and engaging techniques, ICSN graduates will teach children how to consciously process their emotions in a self-supportive and healing way.

These are just a few of the offerings and activities planned for ICSN. Many amazing developments are happening in 2015, bringing us closer to a full launch of this exciting venture. One of these was an ICSN introductory webinar on March 19th sponsored by the American Nutrition Association. The podcast drew over 1,000 registered participants and featured an in-depth presentation by Dr. Sadeghi and Dr. Sami detailing the emotional, spiritual and physical impact of spiritual nutrition on the integrative state we call health.

Are you ready to nourish your soul with some spiritual nutrition?