MegaZEN Well-being Journal 2015 Collection

An intentional healing community focusing on consciousness and entelechy.

Be Hive of Healing’s MegaZEN Well-Being Journal 2015 issue is packed with a new variety of powerful articles and insights from Dr. Habib Sadeghi, founder of Be Hive of Healing Integrative Medical & Dental Center, along with various contribution articles from leading integrative medical and dental experts. In addition to collections of informative articles on medicine, MegaZEN also contains features on intentional healing, spiritual consciousness, great products and wellness organizations. The success of the first two issues of MegaZEN (2013 & 2014) has created the momentum and synergy behind the 2015 collection.

This year’s stunningly visual issue is packed with even more articles, health tips, poetry and priceless information than ever before. As we continue the annual tradition of MegaZEN,we thank you and know MegaZEN 2015 will be a powerful addition to your healing library and gift list.

The 2015 Collection of MegaZEN™



Dr. Sadeghi & Dr. Sami
Dr. Habib Sadeghi D.O., is the co-founder of Be Hive of Healing, an integrative health center based in Los Angeles. With more than 15 years of direct patient care, he provides a comprehensive knowledge of revolutionary healing protocols in integrative, osteopathic, anthroposophical, environmental, and family medicine, as well as clinical pharmacology. Through a unique and individualized approach to healthcare that includes evidence-based, Western medical interventions and intuitive Eastern healing modalities, Dr. Sadeghi has been able to achieve astounding results in patient cases that were otherwise deemed hopeless by traditional medicine. Read biography 
Dr. Shahrzad (Sherry) Sami is a dual specialist in pediatric dentistry and orthodontics. She has served as a clinical instructor at the University of California Los Angeles, as part of both the pediatric medicine and dentistry programs, becoming one of the creators of the Children Health Advocacy Training (CHAT) curriculum. Collaborating with pediatricians, Dr. Sami designed one of the few residency training programs that incorporates a whole body approach that includes aspects such as breastfeeding, nutrition and child development. Her practice is based on total body wellness, a philosophy that recognizes the synergistic connection our emotions play in our physical condition. It also emphasizes the correlation of a healthy mouth, jaw and airways with a vibrant, energetic body. Read biography
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