WE Are Be Hive of Healing

  1. WE LISTEN with Our HEART
  2. WE Touch Each Other’s SOUL
  3. WE sing, laugh and dance often
  4. WE take great LOVING CARE of Each Other
  5. WE are Divine Beings having a human experience
  6. WE are WHOLE and SEE Wholeness in EVERYONE
  7. WE are Disruptive and Welcome NEW Healing Ideas
  8. WE Know every Toxin contains its own HEALING REMEDY
  9. WE welcome feedback as easily as WE take in our breath
  10. WE Know life isn’t about serving ourselves, but SERVING OTHERS
  1. WE Do what We Say and if it’s otherwise, WE Clean it up RIGHT AWAY
  2. WE strive to BE our Best in Every moment, regardless of circumstances
  3. WE Know LOVING others Unconditionally requires LOVING ourselves Unconditionally
  4. WE Never Do anything halfway, and WE ACT with Full Commitment and Follow-through
  5. WE practice Healing by Applying LOVING to places INSIDE us that are hurting
  6. WE meet everyone in that LOVING place BEYOND right-doing and wrong-doing
  1. WE Know that challenges are signals to LOOK WITHIN and check our own state of Being
  2. WE Know that How WE CHOOSE to Relate to Ourselves in any situation is the Issue, not what’s happening
  3. WE Know Healing Miracles are Natural, Frequent occurrences, and Enthusiastically LOOK FOR THEM
  4. WE are Consciously Aware of other people’s points of view and WE Respect and Honor them free of judgments
  5. WE Dedicate ALL of Our Thoughts and Actions to HEALING
  6. WE are a Family; Connected in Spirit and United in Loving
  7. WE are Be Hive of Healing

The Be Hive of Healing Experience Awaits You