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I’m so proud to have been inducted as a Fellow into the Linus Pauling Institute, also known as the Institute of Orthomolecular Medicine. This means a great deal to me, as Linus Pauling has been one of my greatest professional inspirations. He is one of only four people to have ever won more than one Nobel Prize. He’s also only the second person to receive two Nobel Prizes in different fields; the other is Marie Curie. As a biochemist, Pauling was one of the founders of quantum chemistry and molecular biology. In the 1970’s, he spearheaded the megavitamin therapy movement in the treatment of disease, which became known as orthomolecular medicine or the prevention and treatment of disease with substances that are natural to the body.

Megadose Vitamin C IV therapy - LInus Pauling

His research in preventing colds with vitamin C took the world by storm in his 1970 book, Vitamin C and the Common Cold. His later research showed that mega doses of vitamin C taken intravenously could significantly increase the survival rates of cancer patients. Two later studies, including one at the Mayo Clinic, failed to repeat those results and Pauling was ridiculed by mainstream medicine. In 2009, however, a review of those studies revealed serious flaws in their attempt to replicate Pauling’s original research, posthumously vindicating him and legitimizing his protests. Both follow up studies used oral instead of intravenous vitamin C. The body can only tolerate a minimal amount of vitamin C taken orally before bowel upset begins. Strangely, in the May Clinic study, the control subjects were also taking vitamin C. Luckily, the 2009 review recommended further study into the benefits of megavitamin C treatment for cancer. It’s already shown great promise in treating infections and neurological conditions, as well as the associated pain.

One of the most famous examples of the healing power of vitamin C is that of former U.S. diplomat and author, Norman Cousins, who in 1964 was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis, an extremely painful degenerative condition of the connective tissue of the spine. After checking himself out of the ICU and returning home, he devised his own healing protocol. With the assistance of a physician friend, Cousins took 25g of vitamin C intravenously over a period of several hours each day and watched old movie reels of Marx Brothers movies and the Candid Camera comedy show. His healing plan didn’t include much else. As his laughter released healing endorphins into his system, the vitamin C was supercharging his immunity and dissolving the toxins that were attacking his spine. The effects could be felt immediately, and over the subsequent months he made a total recovery from the so-called incurable illness. I highly recommend his book recounting the experience, Anatomy of an Illness.

More recently, a study conducted at Heart-Jesus Hospital in Dembach, Germany examined the effectiveness of megavitamin C IV therapy for neurological pain related to shingles. Once an outbreak happens, patients often experience intense pain that can last for months or years afterward. In the German study, patients with a shingles infection were given vitamin C intravenously in high doses every day based on their pain level. Some were taking 100g per day. That should speak to the level of pain some of these people were in. After two weeks of IV treatment, the patients were monitored for three months. The results were dramatic. When compared with the control group following the same protocol but without megavitamin C IV therapy, 92% of patients reported a decrease in pain. The number of affected nerves was also reduced while 78% reported less fatigue and better concentration, and 86% experienced no scarring. Amazingly, only 6.4% developed long-term post-infection pain.

Vitamin C is essential for life and acts like a miracle in certain applications and yet, humans are among just a few types of mammals that cannot produce it within their bodies.

Vitamin C is essential for life and acts like a miracle in certain applications and yet, humans are among just a few types of mammals that cannot produce it within their bodies. We must obtain vitamin C through our diet. It’s been proposed that the lack of an enzyme, l-gulonolactone oxidase, in the liver prevents the final phase of converting glucose into ascorbic acid, also known as vitamin C. Some scientists have labeled this phenomenon hypoascorbemia.

Because of the incredible success of vitamins in healing, everyone should be taking a food-based multi-vitamin every day, but don’t assume that’s enough, even with a healthy diet. Organic versus conventional and even soil composition all impact the nutrient level in the foods we eat. It’s in everyone’s best interest to consider an occasional IV vitamin treatment, especially during cold and flu season. Remember that the recommended daily allowance of any vitamin or mineral as set out by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is usually the minimum amount of intake needed to prevent illness from deficiency but not for promoting healing or maintaining excellent health. Always consult your doctor before taking any vitamin or supplement and let us all remember the words of Linus Pauling when some self-proclaimed expert tries to disparage the healing power of vitamins, “No evidence compels the conclusion that the minimum required intake of any vitamin comes close to the optimum intake that sustains good health.”

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It’s in everyone’s best interest to consider an occasional IV vitamin treatment, especially during cold and flu season.

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