Highly-potent, custom-made homeopathic supplements are formulated from the purest heirloom ingredients to cure infection, alleviate pain, eliminate inflammation, maximize immunity and accelerate tissue repair.

Our homeopathic supplements contain only the highest quality organic herbal and botanical ingredients sourced from around the world. Great attention is given to the cultivation, harvesting and production processes to ensure the maximum level of potency is preserved. In most cases, these specialized formulations outperform pharmaceuticals with none of the toxic ingredients or harsh side effects. This is accomplished through intricate combinations of ingredients to magnify the healing power of their trace minerals and antioxidants, as well as their osmotic and adaptogenic properties. Customized formulations have shown great success across a wide range of illnesses including digestive and reproductive disorders, as well as specific types of cancer.

Included Protocols After Initial Evaluation

  • Prescription and preparation of custom-formulated homeopathic agents
  • Iscador (mistletoe) infusions; Attended intravenous therapy

Wellness for the mind, body & spirit in our premier integrative medical facility.