This in-depth intervention is designed to guide couples, who have decided to end their marriage, through a separation grounded in consciousness rather than resorting to a bitter divorce.

The Conscious Completion program is much more than simply agreeing to divorce amicably and remembering the needs of the children involved.

Conscious Completion guides couples to the understanding that within marriage there is a deeper purpose than lifelong companionship. Spouses subconsciously seek out partners who will behave in ways that trigger their unconscious emotional wounds from past relationships, particularly those acquired in childhood from their parents. As such, every argument and irritation within the marriage was an opportunity for inner exploration and to heal old traumas.

When couples understand that projecting their unconscious inner pain outward onto each other is a call from the subconscious for inner healing, animosity dissolves. There is no one to blame. Both parties play the role of student and teacher simultaneously giving and receiving a lesson during the relationship. From this level of consciousness, both parties can do their respective work healing their inner wounds and moving forward into healthier relationships where they do not repeat the behaviors of the past.

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