Heavy metals like mercury, aluminum, cadmium and arsenic are everywhere in our daily lives. They’re so toxic that the body sequesters them away deep within its tissues to keep them out of the bloodstream.

They can lie undetected for decades creating a multitude of health problems and hampering all efforts to get well. Heavy metals have been linked to virtually all neurological diseases and even cancer. IV chelation therapy is absolutely essential for detoxifying heavy metals from the body.

A simple heavy metal test kit using urinalysis is all that’s needed to determine if heavy metals may be hindering your health. Over a prescribed series of IV treatments, agents with opposing charges are administered to slowly and gently draw heavy metals out of the body like a magnet with minimal discomfort. Detoxification takes place in the following hours as the heavy metals are released through urination.

Traditionally, each detoxification protocol contains a prescribed number of IV treatments with one session scheduled each week. The length and type of treatment will vary depending on the specific metals and concentration levels involved, as well as the patient’s personal response to the detoxification process.

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