In addition to our wide array of integrative healing therapies, we’ve now added Hijama Integrative Therapy (HIT) to our line of services.

Based on the ancient principles of traditional Chinese medicine, most people are familiar with the cupping procedure of HIT, but that’s only one part of the therapy process. Our HIT includes additional components for diet, exercise and supplementation to shore up stagnate chi or “life energy” that the ancients felt was the cause of all dis-ease.

The cupping portion of the therapy involves massaging the affected area with black seed or olive oil. In “dry” HIT, one or several lightly heated glass cups are placed on the skin with a mild suction applied from a regulated electronic monitor. The cups remain in place for 5-20 minutes. “Massage” HIT involves using one or more of the cups to knead the skin and underlying tissues. (Please note: Above may be changed based on the clinical evaluation of each patient.)

“Wet” HIT, also known as Sunnah, includes removing stagnate subcutaneous blood and toxins from just beneath the skin. In this instance, the glass cups are removed after only a few minutes. Tiny surface scratches are made to the affected area and the cups are replaced for more time. Stagnate blood and toxins are drawn up into the cups and discarded after treatment.

Two HIT treatments per year is an excellent way to boost your health maintenance routine by keeping hormones balanced, improving circulation, increasing lymphatic drainage and supporting detoxification. From a healing and treatment perspective, HIT has shown amazing results when used for digestive problems, joint pain, muscle pain, asthma, skin conditions, low fertility and fatigue. Scientific studies have shown that HIT is very effective for lower back pain (sciatica), migraines and rheumatoid arthritis. Please contact our offices to inquire about adding a HIT session to your healing plan.

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