Integrative Bioregulatory Medicine™ (iBm) is based on the principle that your body is unique with regard to its strengths, weaknesses and ability to overcome disease.

Your health is determined by a delicate balance between nerves, hormones, organs and organ systems. This balance is affected by genetics, lifestyle, emotional state, and environment. Imbalances in one or more of these areas often give rise to diseases that can be difficult to explain, much less treat.

Integrative Bioregulatory Medicine is a multi-dimensional approach to health care that understands the crucial difference between the symptoms of disease and the causes of disease. With a powerful psycho-spiritual component, it incorporates mind-body dynamics and reveals how, for good or ill, our psychology always affects our biology. Much emphasis is placed on emotions and how they can make us sick, as well as why certain people are prone to specific illnesses.

Following a comprehensive examination and related tests, a personalized healing protocol will be designed that may include, among other components, herbal and nutritional supplements, individually formulated homeopathic tinctures, essential oils, guided meditations, emotional release exercises, lifestyle changes and one or more of our epi-healing and detoxification treatments. Because we are an integrative medical center, we acknowledge that pharmaceuticals are sometimes necessary, but in our experience, many patients drastically reduce or stop their prescription medications over time. That’s exactly what an iBm protocol is designed to do, awaken the body’s healing intelligence to the memory of its wholeness.

Included Services

  • Thyroid Imbalances
  • Adrenal Fatigue
  • Female Hormones
  • Male Hormones

Wellness for the mind, body & spirit in our premier integrative medical facility.