Integrative Family Decoding and Healing is about dissolving negative patterns through conscious living techniques.

Death, abandonment, suicide, child abuse, domestic violence, poverty and job loss within a family all leave their specific emotional imprint on each person. When this happens, children tend to subconsciously take on the emotional set point and/or behavioral patterns of their parents as a way of “belonging” in the family. If the mother is sad, the daughter is sad. If the father is full of rage, so is the son.

In most cases, children pass these subconsciously acquired dispositions onto their children who have the same desire of belonging. As this emotional signature continues to get passed down through the generations, its negative energy accumulates and can easily cause one’s life to stop moving forward and the body to become diseased. In many cases, patients have no idea that their illness has its roots in events that happened several generations ago.

Integrative Family Decoding & Healing is a three dimensional intervention that works with families to discover and dissolve generational negative emotional patterns through awareness, forgiveness and conscious living techniques. When decades-old negative energy is finally released, long-term physical illness often fades away, as well. Science is beginning to prove more and more that disease isn’t so much a genetic heritage as it is an emotional one. Contact us today for more information about scheduling a session.

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