Since the ancient Egyptians, cultures across the ages have revered the honey bee for its healing powers.

Integrative Medical Apitherapy is the application of bee products like honey, pollen, royal jelly and propolis in healing therapies. Of all the substances with which the honey bee provides us, its venom is the most powerful. Rich in enzymes, peptides and amines, bee venom contains 18 components that have pharmaceutical properties, one of which is melittin, a highly potent anti-inflammatory agent. This makes bee venom extremely effective in treating orthopedic and neurological problems such as rheumatoid arthritis, back pain, multiple sclerosis and Lyme disease.

The bee venom is administered along the energy meridians near the problem area of the body. While bee venom injections are available, the most dramatic results are achieved when the venom is administered by the bee itself in a controlled environment. Although the itching and swelling will dissipate in a few days, the relief from chronic symptoms is felt immediately. This is because of the mellitin injected into the site by the bee, as well as the body’s healing response that causes blood to rush to the area flooding it with oxygen. Those who’ve experienced apitherapy can’t stop talking about their dramatic results, which often last for weeks or more after a single session.

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