Be Hive of Healing contains one of the most complete herbal and homeopathic medical dispensaries in the world housing over 25,000 therapeutic remedies.

This is due in large part to the fact that Dr. Sadeghi began researching and collecting exotic herbs from around the world at a very early age and took on the practice of distillation as a pastime. Today, his hobby has grown into the most comprehensive bank of botanical therapeutics across the entire field of integrative healthcare.

Through Integrative Medical Distillation, healing compounds from beneficial herbs and homeopathic substances can be extracted and concentrated through a process using evaporation and condensation. This method of isolation increases their potency and allows their healing elements to be more easily absorbed by the body. The physical properties of the elements to be extracted and the unique combination of botanicals in each prescribed formula determine whether simple, fractional or dry distillation is to be used.

Because Be Hive of Healing maintains its distillery on site, customized herbal remedies for specific conditions can be formulated that aren’t available anywhere else. It also significantly reduces the wait time other integrative medical practices experience by having to send their homeopathic and herbal tincture orders out to an external distillery service.

Wellness for the mind, body & spirit in our premier integrative medical facility.