Between 50 and 60 million surgeries take place in the U.S. each year. Most of the time, the condition that caused the surgery is corrected. Even when surgery goes well, many people experience new seemingly unrelated problems in different areas of the body sometimes within days or weeks after the procedure, never suspecting the cause might be their surgical scarring.

Scars from surgeries or injuries can easily interrupt the flow of energy throughout the body by creating a roadblock along the meridians or pathways which energy travels. The result is a condition known as reverse polarity. Energy will either stagnate in the area of the scar causing problems in nearby organs or reroute itself down other meridians causing pain and dysfunction in remote areas of the body.

Integrative Neural Therapy (INT), also known as German acupuncture, involves numbing the scar with Procaine, a natural anesthetic, which gets converted to para-benzoicaminoacid (PABA), an antioxidant, that generates the production of folic acid. This reaction decreases the scar’s rigidity facilitating the discharge of stored energy, while additional homeopathics support a complete opening of the meridian, ensuring a full release.

Patients describe this treatment as miraculous as long-term unexplained illnesses and chronic pain simply fade away, never to return in as few as three treatments. INT is extremely effective in treating unexplained painful intercourse (dyspareunia) and inability to orgasm (anorgasmia) after c-sections, erectile dysfunction after hernia or gall bladder surgery, heart arrhythmia after breast surgery and infertility among many other conditions.

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