Master Mind Mentorship Program (M3P)

Integrative Psycho-Synthesis (iPs)

M3P is the most powerful psycho-spiritual intervention that merges psychological exploration and spiritual inspiration with physical motivation to synchronize mind, body and behavior. Fortune 500 CEOs, politicians, actors and motivational speakers have all achieved dramatic breakthroughs with Dr. Sadeghi’s M3P. Because of high demand, be prepared to schedule as far as six months in advance.

The Master Mind Mentorship Program (M3P) uses integrative Psycho-synthesis (iPs) to synchronize body, mind and behavior.

Many people feel they understand the spiritual concepts of manifestation but still struggle with making their desires a reality. The Master Mind Mentorship Program (M3P) provides you with a tangible way to access and direct your creative energy by eliminating unconscious emotional blocks that limit your potential.

Using Dr. Sadeghi’s patented techniques of Integrative Psycho-Synthesis (iPs), participants learn to explore and neutralize the deeper aspects of their negative emotions, relationships, fears and subconscious limiting beliefs. The progressive, 12-week course is an intensive spiritual mentoring partnership with Dr. Sadeghi that includes weekly one-on-one phone consultations to assess progress, clarify goals and devise a proactive strategy for manifestation. To ensure your success, Dr. Sadeghi will join you in co-creation, practicing directed intention on your behalf to accelerate the realization of your goal.

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Further Registration Details

To provide the maximum amount of personal attention, Dr. Sadeghi chooses to work with only a small number of clients at any one time. Be advised that space is limited.

The course fee is due in full prior to the first session. This includes curriculum material and syllabus, as well as audio-visuals, when required by the lesson plan. All fees are non-refundable. In the case of cancellation or failure to complete the program, the balance of the remaining fee will be donated to the Love Button Global Movement or another nonprofit organization supported by Be Hive of Healing Integrative Medical and Dental Center. Please contact our offices with questions and for scheduling availability.

Thank you.

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