Originally created by Dr. Sadeghi, Lymphatic Rejuvenation Therapy (LRT) combines the luxury and sensuality of the best spa treatment with the benefits of deep detoxification and meditation.

Based on the principles of anthroposophical medicine and Pancha Karma Ayurveda of India, LRT is designed to simultaneously treat the mind, body and spirit in a single therapeutic session.

Each treatment begins with a soothing 20-minute lymphatic massage with Dr. Sadeghi’s proprietary blend of essentials oils, formulated to draw toxins from deep within the body. A 45-minute infrared heat wrap immediately follows for deep cleansing while a guided meditation is administered by the therapist to remove healing blockages from the mind.

A final 20-minute lymphatic massage allows any residual toxins to be flushed from the body.

Healing results are often dramatic as LRT significantly reduces the body’s toxic burden. As an added bonus, patients regularly report body sculpting benefits from the treatment, particularly in the lower body and thighs. Weight-related cosmetic issues, such as cellulite, are also visibly diminished.

Because the body stores much of its toxins in fat tissue, it’s reluctant to lose excess weight. LRT helps the body mobilize and excrete high levels of toxins in a way that’s quick, controlled and safe. With toxins removed, weight loss happens with greater ease.

The Benefits of LRT

  • Deep detoxification
  • Relax and clear the mind
  • Assists weight loss with body sculpting benefits

Experience this stimulating treatment

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