Health doesn’t come from eating healthy foods but from the ability to fully digest and absorb their nutrients.

Nutritional medicine is grounded in rebuilding and supporting a strong digestive system. When the digestive system is functioning optimally, we gain the maximum healing benefit from the foods and supplements we consume. A comprehensive profile is obtained to investigate nutritional deficiencies, absorption rates, hidden food sensitivities, allergies, gut integrity and microbiome balance. A customized medicinal diet is often prescribed, as well as nutraceuticals made from 100% organic ingredients based upon the patient’s condition. In most cases, these specialized formulations often cost less than standard pharmaceuticals and consistently outperform them with none of the toxic ingredients or harsh side effects. Concentrated nutritional I.V. therapy provides ten times the amount of nutrition than can be absorbed orally, speeds healing and boosts immunity. Special programs are also available for weight release.

Nutritional Medicine Plan Included Services

  • Digestive evaluation is performed and healing protocol prescribed based on results
  • Nutraceuticals are prescribed for specific conditions
  • Concentrated I.V. nutrition therapy accelerates healing strengthens immunity

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