Health is the collective result of all body systems working together to give and receive support from one to another in a symbiotic and synchronous way.

The body is an intricate network of complex interrelated systems. Health isn’t determined by how well each system functions, but why how well they function together. Like any finely-tuned machine, physical well-being relies on the timing, cooperation and alignment of all its parts.

Osteopathy is a distinctive and holistic form of healthcare that brings healing to the body by restoring its innate sense of balance. By correcting misalignments within and between body structures, the body regains its natural functioning rhythm. This is accomplished through gentle manipulations of the bones, muscles, ligaments, organs and fascia, the fine layer of tissue beneath the skin that binds organs and organ systems together. Correcting misalignments in the body not only improves the harmonious relationship between the nervous and musculoskeletal systems, but has cascading effects that positively impact problems patients hadn’t originally connected to a misalignment issue.

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