Preventive Medicine is based on the philosophy that the most dynamic approach to well-being incorporates prevention and education.

It’s easier and more economical to prevent dis-ease rather than to deal with it after it has manifested in the body. Taking a proactive approach to healthcare through prevention and education allows us to sustain a quality of life and level of health once thought of as impossible, even into advanced age. This begins with understanding the unique language of the body and responding to its feedback in ways that increase vitality and maximize immunity. Patients are our partners in the care process and through their active involvement they learn to incorporate our best practices into their daily living for a lifetime of health and well-being.

Included Services

  • Family Medicine: Primary Care and Chronic Illness Care
  • Wellness Exam: Annual Physicals and Health Screening
  • Women’s Health: Gynecological Exam and Hormone Support

Wellness for the mind, body & spirit in our premier integrative medical facility.