The word yoga means yoking together or to unite. It is a discipline undertaken with the intention and vision of consciously uniting the limited self with the unlimited and omnipotent source of all things, including health.

It is through this reuniting that we experience our true divine nature and the power imparted to us by Source to affect positive change in our lives. Therapeutic Healing Yoga (THY) is a simple and straightforward way of demystifying these ancient healing principles and helping patients apply them to their lives in a practical yet powerful way to dramatically improve health and well-being.

This is accomplished by harnessing the healing power of sound. In private sessions, an instructor guides the patient in the ancient healing techniques of breath work, toning and chanting in a way that resonates within the body at the cellular level. Through the 8 Strokes Breathing Technique, the pituitary gland is revitalized, increasing secretion and facilitating balance within the entire endocrine system from the top of the hormonal cascade downward.

Because the endocrine system regulates all body functions, results of increased energy and well-being are felt almost immediately. Mantra chanting is used to stimulate any combination of 84 energy meridians throughout the body for targeted healing. Sound vibration and resonance exercises ignite the life force within the third chakra and are drawn upward through the heart center to facilitate a mental awakening to oneness and healing.

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