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Be Hive T! Program

A Premier Executive Wellness Program

Imagine how natural healing could be in an environment that’s dedicated to your wellbeing 24/7. Think about the peace of mind you could have if you absolutely knew, not just felt, that you were in perfect health and had the tools to maintain it regardless of your age.


Transformational Intensive (T!) is a premier executive wellness program that provides the most comprehensive medical prevention and diagnostic services available.

Participants receive a full-scale health evaluation that includes a comprehensive physical exam, dental evaluation, blood, urine and stool panels, CAT scan, MRI, EKG, EEG, body composition analysis, allergy and food sensitivity testing, as well as extended consultation with Dr. Sadeghi.

Each participant receives a fully-detailed report on every facet of their current state of health with a personalized plan of care to restore and/or maintain health and provide maximum protection against the diseases of aging.

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Transformational Intensive (T!) Admissions

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