As an extension of our nutritional medical service, we provide individualized weight loss plans that emphasize flavor and flexibility to maximize your success.

Far more than the standard meal plan weigh-in approach, your personalized weight release program is augmented by a protocol of potent herbal supplements specifically formulated to restore, support and accelerate metabolism, helping you burn more calories while retaining lean mass. Because much of the body’s toxins are retained in fat cells, Lymphatic Rejuvenation Therapy (LRT) may be prescribed to open detoxification channels and encourage the release of additional fat stores. After LRT, patients regularly report visible reductions in cellulite and body sculpting benefits.

The personalized weight release protocol includes these services:

  • Extensive nutritional and hormonal evaluation
  • Nutritional and natural alternative therapies to restore optimal metabolic function
  • Patented medical therapies for those requiring more immediate and substantial weight loss

Wellness for the mind, body & spirit in our premier integrative medical facility.