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Emotion is the Language of Cells

When it comes consciously creating our lives, it seems we talk about thoughts most of the time. However, the truth is that it’s the feelings we attach to what we think that are the real catalyst for manifestation.

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Be Hive Launches Expanded Website with New Services

We’re thrilled to announce that the new Be Hive of Healing website has just been launched. In addition to an updated, more streamlined and user friendly style, the website now includes valuable information on many new and exciting services to take your health to the next level.

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Heart Health & Athletic Performance

Described as “cardiovascular health to the max”, Healing Heart liquid dietary supplement is uniquely formulated to energize the heart and muscles, while at the same time enhancing athletic performance and recovery.

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Meditation Minute with Socrates


“There is no illness of the body apart from the mind.” – Socrates, philosopher.

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