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More Matters: Treating Illness with Megadose Vitamin C

Research showed that mega doses of vitamin C taken intravenously could significantly increase the survival rates of cancer patients.

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Exorcising Your Inner Demons

It’s been almost a year since the release of my book, The Clarity Cleanse, and the approaching date has inspired me to share something else with you that involves another anniversary.

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The Sound of Clarity – The Clarity Cleanse Audiobook

If time is a challenge for you, consider listening to The Clarity Cleanse on audiobook while you’re on the treadmill at the gym, during your daily commute or somewhere else.

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The Clarity Cleanse is Available Now

The Clarity Cleanse is an exploration into how we contribute to creating our own problems, including our state of physical health or illness, through negative emotional saturation.

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See Yourself Clearly with The Clarity Cleanse

Dr. Sadeghi takes you on an intimate journey of self-discovery to reveal the role your mind and emotions play in your state of health.

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