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Yvette U.

Grateful to him and my team of three other wonderful homeopaths around the country which have been taking care of me while I’m also in South America at the healing center completing the last mile of this marathon.

If only all the healing centers would be like this. It looks (and smells) like a spa, welcomes you with organic teas, offers you massages while you receive amazing IVS, they offer accupuncture, nutrition and many alternative therapies along with wonderful western treatments.

They truly have been incredible. So so grateful I didn’t take that first opinion that was a pretty barbaric surgery which many with this illness have reoccurring, why — because the root cause of the illness was never treated or faced or dealt with.

If you are ever in LA, come visit the Behive of Healing. Next door, Dr Sadeghi’s wife also runs a children’s holistic dental clinic. It’s incredible, come see it. ❤️

Dr Shahrzad Sami and Dr Sadeghi thank you for the wonderful care you give your patients and the amazing Love Button community 🙂

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Susan M.

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Paul G.

What I love the most about Dr Habib’s Approach is the wholistic approach and the concept of a ship heading towards a continent and with just small adjustments now, the direction in the course of that ship could end up in an entirely different continents in older age. That continent has liveliness, ease, power, abundance, vitality and energy.

Many of my close circle of family and friends have also been blessed by the work and the love of Dr. Habib and the Be Hive Of Healing.

I’m forever grateful.

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Julie G.

Yes…He is so smart…So wise and I TRUST his guidance and wisdom 100 percent.

Yes…Since day one, his support has been above and beyond…

But more then anything Dr. Sadeghi has been my teacher of LOVE…

He has taught me how to open my heart and FEEL and for that, I will forever be grateful~

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Stephen & Debbie B.

Dr. Sadeghi was, and is still, able to provide me with a safe and healing space created from listening, thinking outside the conventional box, and love. His innovative guidance is second to none having the full understanding that we are all experiencing our own journey at our own pace yet profoundly connected. I can’t help to think that each time we connect, he is also extremely grateful to be experiencing the journey to healing with me. Then when we meet in person, his appreciation for that moment and his humble ability to provide service to me while still learning and walking his own journey is something that I have learned to love about being in his presence and, in some respect, being of service to him.

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Tracy W.

No other doctor had shown such a warm personal interest. I was not just another patient, but an individual with specific needs and an individualized treatment plan. I felt immediate relief and knew my search for the right doctor had finally come to an end.

I have very much enjoyed working with Dr. Sadeghi. I have seen steady improvements in my overall health, mental clarity and stamina. He takes the time to really listen and then he educates you so that you can understand what is going on with your body, and how you can contribute to your healing. He is a gifted doctor and has vast knowledge of the human body as a whole. He is always ready and happy to help, and it is obvious that he truly cares about people and really loves what he does, helping people heal in all aspects of their lives.

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Anastasiya P

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Fraser and Kelly W.

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Abbas K.

My ex-wife and I had worked very hard to save our marriage and despite all our efforts, it was still ending. Dr Sadeghi helped us process the emotions of ending our marriage and create a new relationship as Coparents for our 6 year old daughter. His wholistic approach not only guided me, but has also left me with the tools to face other challenging times in the future. I am truly grateful to have met Dr Sadeghi and it has been an honor and a privilege to work with him.

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Nic and Kylee H.

Not only has Dr. Sadeghi helped her as a doctor, but he contacts us regularly with words of compassion and love, showing he is committed to her and our family as a whole. I always tell people that Dr. Sadeghi has changed our lives, and he truly has. Thank you, Dr. Sadeghi, for believing in recovery, love, and hope. We look forward to all the continued progress she will make under your care!

Love, Nicholas, Kylee, Isabella, and Eden

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