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Hilary R.

The etymological origin of the word heal is Old English from the root word haeling and means restoration of wholeness. In your work with Sadeghi, you will come to see that your wholeness, which is made up of countlesselements, is your most natural state. And that restoring wholeness is the most powerful expression of your own personal wisdom, purpose, and growth.

It is from science (from Latin Scientia meaning knowledge, a knowing; expertness) that Sadeghi always begins. And he will go on to know your history – your story, both medical and narrative. And as a matter of course, he will encourage and teach toxin-free living, nutrient-rich eating, self-understanding, self-compassion, self-nurturing. But the knowing and the expertise he is really trying to ignite are those of the human body itself – what Sadeghi does, first and foremost, is to encourage the body to do what it knows inherently how to do –to regenerate, to grow, to move towards well-being, toward wholeness. The high-functioning liver can siphon out toxins, the whirring thyroid can regulate hormones, the well-rested body has energy stores to fight infection and handle stress, the healthy gut lining protects us and pulls nutrients from our food to our bodies.

When he diagnoses, when he treats, Sadeghi gently urges his patients towards getting at a root cause, root meaning, towards, even, if we are open to it, a greater metaphysical veracity that may connect the mind and the physical body. In other words, if you are looking for a pill to make your headache go away, he is not your man. But if you are looking, through evaluation and evolution of your life and well-being, to identify the source of your recurring pain, of dis-ease, to listen to what it is trying to tell you about the bigger picture, and to retune your system therefrom, you have found your partner. If you are looking for more than momentary relief, you have found your collaborator.

I have a dentist, a gynecologist, a dermatologist, an endocrinologist, some of whom Sadeghi has referred me to, some of whom I see on my own. But here is the thing: time and time again, it is Dr. Sadeghi who will help guide you and the sespecialists towards discoveries, time and time again, it is Dr. Sadeghi who will willingly and open-mindedly collaborate on treatments, time and time again, it is Dr. Sadeghi who will catch hints problems leagues before specialists, and it is always, day or night, Dr. Sadeghi who will help you and your family navigate and balance the opinions from the universe of specialists and the myriad questions and curiosities you may have into a cohesive whole, into a way and a field of healing, of optimism, of love. Of wholeness. In this day and age, his devotion, his consistency, his insights are a rarity, a treasure, a blessing.

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Koura L.

I was rushed to the er, cat scanned and mri’ed and tested and no one knew why I had collapsed.

Fast forward 8 months and I had completely lost my ability to walk. I was fully wheelchair bound, passing out anywhere from 5-10 times a day, unable to work, unable to even sit up to eat.

I had seen countless nurses, chiropractors, doctors, emergency rooms, emts, paramedics, naturalists, even a doctor from china who specialized in medicinal teas.

I was diagnosed with severe hypoglycemia, but that was it. The rest was all confused stares and furrowed brows with no logical explanation for things clearly physically wrong with me.

My syncope had become what looked like seizure activity, my blood work was all over the place high and low, my emg was abnormal, my blood sugar dropped to 40 on a glucose tolerance test and the last hospital I was in called my parents to come get me to spend whatever time was left of my life.

After my father (who is a nurse) had to administer rescue breathing to me the first night he took me home, he reached out to everyone he knew looking for any one who might know what was wrong.

Dec 2011, I met Dr. Sadeghi for the first time.

He looked over my 8 months of blood tests and lab results and imaging, and started me immediately on a modified pk protocol, and several supplements. That day was the first time in over a month i was able to sit up without passing out.

He ran more tests and found i had m.e./c.f.s. (which i had never heard of, and now know it is a viral-caused disease that affects more people than m.s. and is one of the most under-diagnosed illnesses in the world). I had anemia and hypoglycemia, my adrenal glands and intestines had basically stopped functioning, and I had heavy metals in my brain tissue, to name a few things wrong with me.

I had never met a doctor who just went in and found out WHY everything was happening to me – WHY my blood tests were all over the place, WHY i was so weak and could barely move, etc.

Dr. S did that. But he also was then able to TREAT it. Not mask it or put me on medication to “fix” it – but to actually treat what was wrong so my body could heal and fix itself.

By Feb 2012 I was able to walk almost normally.

By April 2012 (a year after i had initially collapsed) I was able to do a hand stand again.

I couldn’t make this up if I tried.

I have no question that without Dr. S and the behive of healing team (especially jennifer! but also the nursing staff and the office staff at the time I first wheeled in almost 7 years ago) saved my life.

I would be dead if it wasn’t for them. <3 and I don't say that lightly. Living with m.e. has been a whole new life of challenges, but I HAVE a life. I have hope. And I have a team of people behind me who whenever I start to slip, they know EXACTLY what to do to keep me moving in the right direction, so I can live life to the fullest extent physically possible to me. And when I have a setback, or try to run after life faster than my body can tolerate, Dr. S is right there with the exact answer to facilitate my health, and help me pick up the pieces again. But even when I stumble, I never fall as far as I had fallen when I first came in, in Dec 2011. September 2018, and i am now back to work and happily married to the man of my dreams. And while I will never be able to work at the level of intensity I had before, I have been able to go back to work. Something that was deemed "impossible" before I met Dr. S. I am now a multi-award-winning film director with several films active in the festival circuit. i travel with my husband and work at places like sundance and mega con. I have been able to support my husband's music career, even gotten to go with him to the grammy awards where I walked beside him on the red carpet - something that was physically impossible in April 2011. None of this would be possible without the level of knowledge and care from Dr. S and the behive of healing staff <3 without their endless support, I would be dead. no question. and I can never thank them enough.

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Carrie M.

The exhaustion expressed itself by showing up as inflammation in my body, vitamin depletion that led to Anemia and its associated symptoms. And probably the most challenging, a daily dose of brain fog (which is no joke).

I trusted Dr. S with a wholistic approach – adjusted my diet, received IV nutrients and also committed to confronting lodged emotions gently that kept me from participating in my life. Gradually, I discovered I held myself in judgment for many things that in truth, didn’t merit a value judgement.

I also discovered my biography was impacting my biology. In other words, by integrating past trauma, wounds and letting them go, there was a very good chance my body would as well. From a bird’s eye view, I did not trust the universe. And, I was resisting learning how.

Now in 2018, I feel an energetic vitality I have never felt; no more inflammation or brain fog and I am able to deviate from a strict diet because I have I have greater information about the management of my health.

The emotional wounds from my past I continue to process and release (like all of us) yet I have tools to provide clarity in the moment which enable me to trust all will be well. I have trust the universe 80% of the time, working toward 100% yet that is a victory for me.

In sum, Dr. Sadeghi’s model of loving care for his patients empowers people to trust life – perhaps in a way they never had before – and by doing so, a new clarity emerges emotionally, physically and spiritually within. The model of living love he and Dr.Sami share with those work with is transformative + profound. I am so grateful and as such share their information with everyone I feel will embrace it.

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Bahar S.

I had a therapist of 10 years and was diagnosed with postpartum depression and was on Prozac and Xanax to add to the list of pills I was taking. I knew I needed to heal, I knew I could not live like this any longer. I was desperate for help. My best friend recommended me to Dr. Sadeghi’s book “within” and it really all made a lot of sense.

So, I thought OK , this Dr. might be able to help me. It took a lot of persistence to get an appointment with him, but finally I was able to be seen.

I remember so clearly the very first appointment 3 years or so ago, when I sat in his humble office. I was expecting to lose weight, what I heard from him though was something completely different. He knew nothing about me other than my name, but somehow he knew everything about me without me mentioning anything. I sat quietly listened and cried.

He recommended the M3P program for me which was surely more then I wanted to spent, and I was so skeptical about it. Gosh, I don’t even know how he tolerated my push backs. At the time I was finalizing my divorce, a strong business woman who just had high high walls build all around myself. Looking back at my life before the program, I was pretty mean to many people and had very little friends and trusted pretty much no one.

As a child I was molested for many years by a family member, my mom had abandoned me at age 11 and I moved to LA with $500 in my pocket, so I had to be tough right? At least that is what I thought.

I questioned every single exercise Dr. Sadeghi gave me. I cancelled many appointments so I would not have to face talking to him. I was so nervous to open up, to get hurt.

Dr. Sadeghi, NEVER gave up, on days when I was so down and locked myself in my house, I would get a loving and kind text from him, letting me know he was thinking of me and that he loved me. I was thinking to myself, is this guy for real? How can someone love me when he does not even really know me. I kind of stopped the program in the middle for I think 1 or 2 month. Dr. Sadeghi did not give up on me during this time. He still kept pushing and said it is essential to my health I finish the program. So, I went back. I was still broken. But this time I had promised him I would push thru with the program. Integrity, love and compassion is how he broke thru to me.

I had no relationship with my family, including my mother, whom I blamed for what happened to me as a child. He taught me how to work thru this and now I have a loving relationship with my mother and my sisters.

Dr. Sadeghi never judged me, or told me to quit smoking or diet pills. He never asked even that I should try. For some reason the decision to quit smoking and quit the pills came naturally during the process or the M3P sessions.

Something just clicked and I started seeing the changes within myself. I allowed myself to be loved and to give love, real love. I allowed myself to trust the process to trust people in my life and in my business.

Thanks to Dr. Sadeghi’s M3P program, I am now owning and running 4 successful businesses. I am able to make connections with people and friends. I have a loving relationship with my family and my children and my ex-husband. I am a different person today. I feel like for the first time in my life in 45 years, that I am ALIVE and actually enjoying my life.

Dr. Sadeghi saved me in many ways a human can be saved. I will forever be part of the behive family and I will ALWAYS love him. He is a miracle worker, a Saint , a healer. And btw, I don’t really don’t care about being skinny or looking a certain way to be accepted by society as I felt that was necessary. I am HAPPY just the way I am. He taught me how to love myself and I DO. I love the way I look. I went to see Dr. Sadeghi to lose weight, what I lost was far better then weight, I lost all the negativity that surrounded my being, that did not allow me to live my life to its fullest potential

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Laurie F.

In short, he still has a heart and isn’t afraid to use his heart to make his treatment of his patients beautifully personalized and tailored to the whole person. He knows he’s not just dealing with an injury or a disorder but with a person who is struggling. You’ll know you’re not fighting alone. I am privileged to say I’ve been a patient for more than a decade and under Dr. Sadeghi’s care, I know I’ll still be here for decades to come.

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Dan M.

I here to say I feel like a different man. I was in and out of every drs office trying to find out what was wrong for years. I’ve been to immune specialists you name and no one could get to the root of the problem. Sinus infections, bronchitis, ulcers, prostate infections etc were a norm for me. I’ve not had any of the above in the last 3 years.

Dr Sadeghi has transformed my life. I honestly don’t know what would of happened to my health had I of never met him. To say I love, respect and trust this man with my life feels like an understatement!!

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Deb J.

In his listening and teaching, I came to understand the breadth of his knowledge and compassion, allowing me to open to him and talk with him about anything, even profound, personal spiritual experiences, and to trust his sought guidance. No matter the distance or the cost, I have followed Dr S. from his Venice offices, to his West L.A. offices, and now to his serene Agoura Hills offices, always feeling at home with his loyal and supportive staff. As I share the thought that in large part, Love is an active verb, which Dr S embodies, in his focus and attention to each of his patients, I will continue to recommend him to those with serious, complex problems, and to those simply seeking greater health. I will always return to Dr. Sadeghi – priceless.

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Linda R.

The medical issue was quickly resolved with his diligence and now seems almost inconsequential to all the other elements he has added to our lives.

Dr. Sadeghi is one of the most intelligent, insightful, compassionate, spiritually uplifting, loving men we have ever met. He has had a profound effect on not only Kurt and I but also every member of our family, not only with our physical health but our spiritual health as well. Throughout our years together his medical and spiritual guidance has helped our family overcome personal tragedy, while his love and unyielding support, has been both a source of strength and calm.

Dr. Sadeghi’s belief in a holistic approach to mind, body and spirit, along with the interconnection of all living things around us helps us to understand our importance as well as our relative insignificance. Through his concepts of health and well-being we have learned how much external issue can impact our overall health and well-being and our regular conversations illuminate the stresses and solutions needed to stay healthy, joyful and deeply satisfied in our daily lives.

From our very first appointment, where he conducted a comprehensive medical evaluation along with an in-depth conversation on our mental well-being, family, work and stresses in our lives, it became clear that all we experience in our daily lives has an impact on our bodies and that it’s difficult to truly heal without linking the body, mind and spirit. We’ve explored some deeply philosophical issues that needed clarity and refinement in our lives and throughout our exploration he has touched on so many concepts that feed our souls. Searching for a higher level and better quality in our lives has given us a much better understanding of emotions and broadened our ability to heal and love ourselves.

He has shown us that you can choose to be angry about what comes your way or you can practice kindness and forgiveness in order to grow and shed past burdens and fears so your children no longer have to continue those cycles of pain. And this concept has been instrumental in our own families growth. Dr. Sadeghi also shares his own personal sufferings and family tragedies as an educational source for motivation, forgiveness, perseverance, resiliency, kindness and love.

As if all of those elements were not enough we also enjoy our regular visits to his clinic for his personal therapeutic IV’s which are beyond healing and energizing, lymphatic massage, acupuncture treatments and his nutritional program which has helped us both lose weight and eat healthier.

It is our extreme honor and privilege to share our healing journey about Dr. Sadeghi and with light and love we hope you can have the same joyful experiences we have shared with him.

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Star C.

I was thrilled when my friend introduced Dr. Sadeghi to me, as his medicinal background and practice was exactly what I was looking for. Dr. Sadeghi is a very caring and nurturing doctor who really listens to his patients and their needs. I have been with Dr. Sadeghi since the beginning of his practice and have had the honor to see his vision come true with his healing center for Be Hive of Healing.

He has always been very conscious of his decisions in his practice and the creation of his healing center. To see his vision for this come true in such a short amount of time shows his dedication to his practice and being a positive influence in the community. Every decision made from the land being on a birthing center for the women of the Chumash Indians, to the affirmations marked in his parking lot spots, to the serene surroundings and meditation section outside his building, demonstrates his attention to detail and being a beneficial presence on this planet. Dr. Sadeghi and his staff make a not so comfortable situation like getting blood drawn or Iv’s, so easy and comfortable for people like me, who generally have a very hard time with standard medical procedures like that. Even the band they use for wrapping about your arm for blood drawn is soft and comfortable on the skin. Most of his nurses and staff have been with him since the beginning of his practice which shows their dedication to him as well. They are all so sweet and very gentle natured just like Dr. Sadeghi which makes for a pleasant visit to the doctor. For the first time in my life, I look forward to going to see my doctor and visiting his healing center, it seems like an adventure and I always leave there feeling renewed and at peace.

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Beatrice G.

What I found was a curious, inquisitive man that knew how to listen even when I was not speaking. His unorthodox approach immediately won me over, but it was his unconditional personal interest in every patient and that cemented our relationship and my trust in him.

Since the first time I walked into that small office in Venice, Dr. Sadeghi’s practice has grown exponentially and his time is now shared among thousands of patients, but his caring disposition and personal investment in every single one of them has not changed.

When I visit Dr. Sadeghi I still have the feeling of being the only patient that matters and his only focus at that moment in time. No judgment, no rush. Only genuine loving care.

I am also thankful for his incredible staff, especially those that have been with him since the beginning. The Behive of Healing would not be possible without them.

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