I was introduced to Dr Sadeghi at one of the most difficult times of my life. The ending of my 10 year marriage. He was able to create this unique space where my ex-wife and I would be able to truly communicate with honesty, respect and love. It was safe. It was what he called “the cup". Working with Dr. Sadeghi was not easy. I would go through extreme anger, sadness, anxiety, fear and eventually clarity and peace. His voice, his tone, the language he used, all played a huge part in helping me process my emotions and bring clarity and confidence to my decisions. He started as my “Tormentor” and finally became my “Mentor”.

My ex-wife and I had worked very hard to save our marriage and despite all our efforts, it was still ending. Dr Sadeghi helped us process the emotions of ending our marriage and create a new relationship as Coparents for our 6 year old daughter. His wholistic approach not only guided me, but has also left me with the tools to face other challenging times in the future. I am truly grateful to have met Dr Sadeghi and it has been an honor and a privilege to work with him.