I was diagnosed with Grave’s Disease about fourteen months ago. After experiencing all the classic symptoms of Grave’s my regular doctor refered me to an endocrinologist. Life as I knew it would soon be just a memory. As he checked off all my symptoms and reviewed the blood work, he confirmed that my thyroid levels where very high. He also told me that I should really be considering Radiation to get rid of the thyroid. I asked to first try the medicine and see if maybe that would work for me. I was put on Tapazole. As the months passed and I felt no relief from the fatigue, depression and sometimes sleepless nights, the doctor would play with the medication. It got to the point where I couldn’t tell if I was feeling sick from Grave’s or the medicine. When I addressed my concerns to the doctor he said “You have Grave’s, welcome to your knew life”. Not willing to accept my new life, I tried another endocrinologist. I was very disappointed to find that all she knew to do was increase and decrease the meds. Tapazole soon began to affect my liver and I was switched to low doses of PTU. That only allowed for my thyroid levels to increase again. I dreaded my appointments with her. Every one of them went the same way. One hour waiting to be seen, followed by five minutes of my questions not being answered. She could’t hide her irritation that I just wouldn’t get the radiation done. That would make things so much easier for her. On May 28, she finally broke me down and in my desperation to get better, I began to consider doing the radiation. That day’s blood work was still too high. She concluded that if eight pills of PTU where not working, than there was not much else to do. I was heart broken. By some devine intervention and numerous prayers for a “good” doctor, I was told that Dr. Sadeghi could help me. Finally a doctor who didn’t believe that radiation was the only way out. My first consultation could not come fast enough for me. It was all I expected and more. Not only was he interested in healing my thyroid, but bringing a healthy balance to my body and mind. Just after one week of doing his treatment, I had blood work done with the regular endocrinologist. On July 9th I sat across a very puzzled and confused doctor. She was not expecting to see what Dr. Sadeghi knew was coming. My thyroid levels had dropped significantly! So much so that I dipped to low thyroid. She couldn’t explain what she had done. But the reality is that two endocrinologists where unable to do what Dr. Sadeghi did in just one week. I am so excited to have partnered in this healing with Dr. Sadeghi. I am so looking forward to getting back the quality of life I once had. As of today I am starting week four of my treatment. I feel like I have a new life and so much healing has already taken place in my body, mind and heart. Thank you Dr. Sadeghi for this wonderfull gift. I am so grateful for all you opened my eyes to. Thanks for reminding me that I am still alive. I look forward to the end of this journey. I can’t wait to see the end results!