Working with Dr Sadegi is a truly integrated experience, a union of theory and practice. Through working with him one feels the healing in daily life, the somewhat abstract idea of healing becomes embodied, in action, applied and transforming ones core. Meeting Dr Sadeghi has been one of the most influential events in my life. He has addressed the “technicalities” of my physiology but also my soul, initiating a kind of healing dance between the two. In the last three years my health has improved in radical ways, I sleep and eat better, I function more and more efficiently every day and whenever there is a health issue I am able, with his guidance, to recover at an amazing speed. The most remarkable changes have been in my family life, relationships and career, working with him has created space and wisdom, he has given me invaluable tools for life. My imagination has flourished, essential for a creative and fearless life! Dr Sadeghi has also treated my whole family and we feel more whole thanks to him. He is the most generous and loving person and I am endlessly grateful for his insight and care. Dr Sadeghi is a precious treasure, pure love that creates hope and possibility to grow.