Andrew K.

I have been a patient of Doctor Sadeghi since 2011 and with his loving guidance have been able to overcome the life long ailment of Asthma as well as a chronic case of severe Tonsillitis. I am healed of these dis-eases Besides being divinely gifted in promoting health, he takes the time to get to the bottom of your medical, family, emotional and environmental history – and goes a step BEYOND to understand the intricacies of your unique framework and deduce a specific natural treatment plan to heal you from the inside out. If you’re looking to reset yourself to a balanced, healthy and joyful state, look no further. I fully trust in this man’s abilities as my holistic healthcare practitioner – and this is coming from a skeptic. The staff at Be Hive of healing are so loving, the healing begins when you walk in the front door. Dr. Sadeghi is more than just a well-educated or prestigious doctor with accolades…he is a true medical healer and I’m extremely grateful to have been recommended to him.