One day a patient of mine, whom I hadn’t seen for a while came to see me, she was looking very good. She told me she was getting treatments from a wonderful western doctor. His name is Dr. Sadeghi, whom actualy, i should meet and work with because he is an integrative practitioner, he even does acupuncture! Intuitively i felt that i should meet this person, since i was suffering from a chronic abdominal bloating for the past 10 years, and now extreme fatigue and thirst, i had gone to many doctors but no one had managed to help me. So I made an appointment right away and went to see Dr. Sadeghi. He was very warm and welcoming, compassionately listened to my story, took his time reading my pulse, did muscle testing,and suspected a thyroid imbalance so he drew some blood to send off to the lab for testing. At the end he gave me a homeopatic, an anthrosophical medicine and told me certain things about me that I was surprised of his intuition! He even took care of my sister who had come along with me with her broken leg! We left his office in bliss, just knowing such doctors exist, light hearted, genorouse and authentic was so refreshing! That day, he made the world a better place for us to live in. We were so happy to find him that we were sending him, his family, and my patient who refered, blessings all the way home. My 2nd visit, was the day my lab results had come back, like a teacher he read me the results line by line, explaining what it all meant, drawing diagrams…at the end he smoothly put it all together and gave me a diagnosis of a thyroid condition and said that is why my digestion and my energy is affected because the thyroid is for metabolism, with some natural medicine, suplements to take and some recomendations for life style modifications. And most importantly, he made me understand where my condition is coming from. I was impressed how acurate his diagnosis was, no body had ever given me such diagnosis before. I was processing it even deeper, and the root cause was revealed to me. I understood what a blessing it was to be awakened to this valuable message, the universe had to tell me. I had to make some important life style changes! Today is only the 6th day after taking the medicine, and i am so happy to say that i feel absolutly amazing! i feel alive! i had forgotten the normal way, one should feel! it is as if “Dr. Sadeghi gave me a new life!” i am for ever greatful to him for his precise diagnosis and intelligent treatment! I had gone to many, both western and eastern practitioners but i did not have the correct diagnosis from either, so my condition had lasted the same all this time. I highly recommend my patients to see Dr. Sadeghi. He is an excellent practitioner of both western and eastern medicine. When the doctor can diagnosis accurately and give natural remedies that work with your own natural rhythms the treatment will work! This is the way to bring back the body to health.