During my twin pregnancy 9 years ago I gained 90lbs. I was desperately trying out all kinds of diets, exercising and diet pills. My weight always went up and down but never really stayed down. Fast forward 4 years after my birth, I found myself deeply depressed, addicted to diet pills and smoking cigarettes heavily. I was really desperate to get help.

I had a therapist of 10 years and was diagnosed with postpartum depression and was on Prozac and Xanax to add to the list of pills I was taking. I knew I needed to heal, I knew I could not live like this any longer. I was desperate for help. My best friend recommended me to Dr. Sadeghi’s book “within” and it really all made a lot of sense.

So, I thought OK , this Dr. might be able to help me. It took a lot of persistence to get an appointment with him, but finally I was able to be seen.

I remember so clearly the very first appointment 3 years or so ago, when I sat in his humble office. I was expecting to lose weight, what I heard from him though was something completely different. He knew nothing about me other than my name, but somehow he knew everything about me without me mentioning anything. I sat quietly listened and cried.

He recommended the M3P program for me which was surely more then I wanted to spent, and I was so skeptical about it. Gosh, I don’t even know how he tolerated my push backs. At the time I was finalizing my divorce, a strong business woman who just had high high walls build all around myself. Looking back at my life before the program, I was pretty mean to many people and had very little friends and trusted pretty much no one.

As a child I was molested for many years by a family member, my mom had abandoned me at age 11 and I moved to LA with $500 in my pocket, so I had to be tough right? At least that is what I thought.

I questioned every single exercise Dr. Sadeghi gave me. I cancelled many appointments so I would not have to face talking to him. I was so nervous to open up, to get hurt.

Dr. Sadeghi, NEVER gave up, on days when I was so down and locked myself in my house, I would get a loving and kind text from him, letting me know he was thinking of me and that he loved me. I was thinking to myself, is this guy for real? How can someone love me when he does not even really know me. I kind of stopped the program in the middle for I think 1 or 2 month. Dr. Sadeghi did not give up on me during this time. He still kept pushing and said it is essential to my health I finish the program. So, I went back. I was still broken. But this time I had promised him I would push thru with the program. Integrity, love and compassion is how he broke thru to me.

I had no relationship with my family, including my mother, whom I blamed for what happened to me as a child. He taught me how to work thru this and now I have a loving relationship with my mother and my sisters.

Dr. Sadeghi never judged me, or told me to quit smoking or diet pills. He never asked even that I should try. For some reason the decision to quit smoking and quit the pills came naturally during the process or the M3P sessions.

Something just clicked and I started seeing the changes within myself. I allowed myself to be loved and to give love, real love. I allowed myself to trust the process to trust people in my life and in my business.

Thanks to Dr. Sadeghi’s M3P program, I am now owning and running 4 successful businesses. I am able to make connections with people and friends. I have a loving relationship with my family and my children and my ex-husband. I am a different person today. I feel like for the first time in my life in 45 years, that I am ALIVE and actually enjoying my life.

Dr. Sadeghi saved me in many ways a human can be saved. I will forever be part of the behive family and I will ALWAYS love him. He is a miracle worker, a Saint , a healer. And btw, I don’t really don’t care about being skinny or looking a certain way to be accepted by society as I felt that was necessary. I am HAPPY just the way I am. He taught me how to love myself and I DO. I love the way I look. I went to see Dr. Sadeghi to lose weight, what I lost was far better then weight, I lost all the negativity that surrounded my being, that did not allow me to live my life to its fullest potential