More than a decade ago I was referred to Dr. Sadeghi by a friend that knew my sentiment (or resentment, I should say!) towards the quality of health care in the US. Dr. Sadeghi’s office at the time was on Venice Blvd, blocks away from my studio; it was an easy choice to decide to go see him even if I did not have any specific ailment or need for medical care related to a particular issue.

What I found was a curious, inquisitive man that knew how to listen even when I was not speaking. His unorthodox approach immediately won me over, but it was his unconditional personal interest in every patient and that cemented our relationship and my trust in him.

Since the first time I walked into that small office in Venice, Dr. Sadeghi’s practice has grown exponentially and his time is now shared among thousands of patients, but his caring disposition and personal investment in every single one of them has not changed.

When I visit Dr. Sadeghi I still have the feeling of being the only patient that matters and his only focus at that moment in time. No judgment, no rush. Only genuine loving care.

I am also thankful for his incredible staff, especially those that have been with him since the beginning. The Behive of Healing would not be possible without them.