I initially became acquainted with BeHive when I brought my kids to Happy Kids Dental Planet, which is the Dental Center. During an appointment with my kids I was visibly very ill as I had been dealing w chronic illness and had been taken next door to BeHive for a vitamin infusion IV while my husband stayed with the kids.

I already felt so at home and my kids so well cared for by Dr. Sammy and her staff that I wasn’t at all surprised to feel an equal sense of caring and serenity at BeHive. I left feeling so much better just from that treatment but equally from the compassion and empathy I felt. What really struck me, though, was that every time I went next door for a treatment I would overhear someone say that Dr. Sadeghi had saved or changed their life. There was such a respect and reverence and appreciation for him and this place among his patients. It feels more like a healing and spiritual sanctuary than a medical office. I had already intended to change my care to BeHive when my husband became a patient after a serious life threatening diagnosis in 2017. We had already experienced more devastation and trauma than most people see in a lifetime due to our family having been mold poisoned… so we were at our most vulnerable. The care and compassion we’ve experienced has so lovingly held us up at a time when we didn’t feel we could make it another day. The staff are all incredibly and genuinely kind and attentive and nurturing… there is a peacefulness that you just don’t find in medical care, that you don’t even find in religion. There is so much more to treatment here than simply medical, as Dr. Sadeghi possess such a breadth of knowledge and spiritual insight. Dr. Sadeghi embodies such peace and such love for humanity with a whole person approach that colors everything he does. His sincere commitment to healing while spreading benevolence, connection and spiritual evolution has changed the lives of so many. We are so eternally grateful to be included among them. His life is a clear, much needed and beautiful gift to the world.