The first time I met Dr. Sadeghi, I wept. I had bounced around from one unilluminating medical experience to another for three years during the course of a severe and progressively worsening chronic illness, and showed up to his office having more or less seen it all; yet something about his healing presence and attention felt so loving and grounding that something deep in my nervous system felt able to soften and relax for the first time, probably, in many years.

I have come, over time, to become increasingly familiar with this loving feeling. He seems to have transmitted it into my body through the course of my treatments, which have transformed my life in unimaginable ways, stretching far beyond the conventional limits of ‘health’ and ‘illness.’ I’ve gone from a gloomy, apathetic, lethargic life of alienated disconnection to a life full of love, relationship, tenderness, and healing. When we first met, I had lost the ability to read as a result of my symptoms; I now write this testimonial from my university dorm room, where I am an exceedingly capable full-time student. He has helped me find the courage to live my life with my heart wide open, and given me the gift of experiencing how much healing can spontaneously arise as a result of that.