I first began working with Dr. Sadeghi and his loving staff in 2014. At the time, I was experiencing deep exhaustion that clouded my ability to advocate for myself, manifest my hopes and dreams and generally trust in life.

The exhaustion expressed itself by showing up as inflammation in my body, vitamin depletion that led to Anemia and its associated symptoms. And probably the most challenging, a daily dose of brain fog (which is no joke).

I trusted Dr. S with a wholistic approach – adjusted my diet, received IV nutrients and also committed to confronting lodged emotions gently that kept me from participating in my life. Gradually, I discovered I held myself in judgment for many things that in truth, didn’t merit a value judgement.

I also discovered my biography was impacting my biology. In other words, by integrating past trauma, wounds and letting them go, there was a very good chance my body would as well. From a bird’s eye view, I did not trust the universe. And, I was resisting learning how.

Now in 2018, I feel an energetic vitality I have never felt; no more inflammation or brain fog and I am able to deviate from a strict diet because I have I have greater information about the management of my health.

The emotional wounds from my past I continue to process and release (like all of us) yet I have tools to provide clarity in the moment which enable me to trust all will be well. I have trust the universe 80% of the time, working toward 100% yet that is a victory for me.

In sum, Dr. Sadeghi’s model of loving care for his patients empowers people to trust life – perhaps in a way they never had before – and by doing so, a new clarity emerges emotionally, physically and spiritually within. The model of living love he and Dr.Sami share with those work with is transformative + profound. I am so grateful and as such share their information with everyone I feel will embrace it.