Dr. Sadeghi, As I’m sitting on my bed, drinking tea, dabbling with the writing of wedding vows, you are on my mind and in my heart. I have momentarily mastered the art of Being in a state of absolute gratitude. Thus, I have been drawn to write you this email. Ever since the plane ride home to Canada, I have felt urged to sing your praise; however, I always resigned, believing you had heard it all, that nothing I could say would be enough, or that you were too busy to read an email from me. After all, I had read some of those eloquent testimonials on your website, and was very aware of your higher profile clients! Now that I have seen your work at play in my own life, I think I better understand your mission. And it is only now that I feel as though I can adequately convey my authentic gratitude to you. I do not feel the need to be “cutting edge” in my words of thanks: I think my true version is congruent to your why you do what you do. As Buddha said, “What we think, we become.” The story we tell ourselves defines our reality: this, I have always been cognizant of. I have also always had some awareness around all the outside stimuli that craft my reality. This knowingness made me angry, because the stuff around me was certainly not doing me any favours! I came to loathe capitalism: the business, money, politics and things were all around me. I dove in to an education and career of social work because I craved people, with an absence of things. How naive did I feel when I realized that those ugly structures that I loathed so much were so closely connected to my trade? At this point, I truly believed that capitalism was a main proponent causing the suffering of humanity. I intrinsically knew that people are inherently good. I would leave my doors unlocked and walk alone at night with a conscious faith in the goodness of people, and in their longings to do good. Every time my belief was affirmed, and I would absolutely bathe in the goodness. But then, the media and my surroundings would sway a belief that I didn’t fully trust. One day when I was reading some of your newsletters and watching some of your videos, I realized that capitalism is not necessarily ugly: it can be used as an effective means for positive change. It can be the vehicle that brings the masses the education, the love and the light that we are all so desperate for. What I am trying to say is that YOU are that vehicle; you are telling us a different story. You are an agent of this new world of LOVE that is emerging through the chaos of humanity’s awakening. Throughout Sebastian’s various treatments, I remember sitting in waiting rooms, literally praying that every single person in the place look at Sebastian with love, and to treat him with love, even the unit clerk at the x-ray department: I needed her to stop being a bitch, and just make him feel safe and unique. My prayers were answered when we met you. Before you, I spoke hope, and even coerced Sebastian in to believing there was hope; but you made me feel something I had not felt in a long time. Hope. Straight up. Hope. Because of you, I can just Be love and hope because I have truly felt it. Your love has affirmed so many of my thoughts that I hadn’t previously trusted. Your love has activated my beliefs by giving them true meaning. Your love has a ripple effect. As an example, the last two days at work have required me to work with a palliative, psychiatric patient. Although my workplace is a site for adult psychosocial rehabilitation, she has returned to us now that she is dying. She is dying of lung cancer, and has spent half a century in psychiatric institutions: this is her home. Many of the staff disagree with her admittance and refuse to participate in her care, yet they are in awe of how receptive she is to my care for her. I am one of the few people that she will allow to feed her or bathe her. When I am physically interacting with her, for instance, feeding her, I feed her love. I silently send her so much love, and let her know that it will be ok. By the way she looks at me, with unusual peace, I can tell that she feels it. It is magical. You are brilliant, and your effect is profound. I wonder if you know? I thank God for you, and know that he will keep you safe. Loves,