When I initially came to see you I had exhausted all other options as it related to my erectile dysfunction. I had seen no less then 12 modern western MD’s and was told that I would need a prosthesis inserted. The date to perform the procedure had already been booked. I had received counseling on the procedure and I was well on my way at 34 years old, otherwise in good shape to having this procedure performed. The thought that at my age, in my decent health, that I would need to implant something into my body was concerning, but even more disheartening was the thought that without his procedure, I would not be able to perform and thus find love and build a family. This thought weighed heavy on mind. I was initially hesitant to see you, and Justin had been telling me all long to make an appointment, I resisted because I had placed my faith in modern medicine. It was only after I saw many urologists, had multiple expensive tests performed and wasted a year full of worry, appointments, etc that I finally relented to Justin’s wishes and booked an appointment with you. When I came into your office for my initial visit, I could tell you where not like the others, you listened to me, you believed in me, and you encouraged me. I took part in your treatment and ate according to your suggestions. Through taking your 3 month treatment program, I started feeling more energized, I started to get feeling back throughout my body. Soon after my blood flow seem to return and with that my confidence. Today, I am very happy to report that I have a normal sex life with the women of my dreams and an eye of towards building a family. I know that todays reality would not have been possible had I not seen you first. Thank you for giving me my vitality back, my hope back, my life back.Thank you again.